Still from The SUN Film by Richard Lippold and John Cage, courtesy Center for Visual Music.

Shedding Light

Co-Presented by Aurora Picture Show
and The Menil Collection
Free Admission
Wednesday, September 7
7:30pm screening is SOLD OUT

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Filmmaker McLean Fahnestock in attendance

In conjunction with the exhibition of Andy Warhol’s film, Sunset, Aurora Picture Show and The Menil Collection co-present this special program featuring a selection of rarely-seen historic and contemporary short films that focus on the Sun, light, color, reflection, refraction, and horizons. The program includes a range of works by François De Menil, John Cage and Richard Lippold, Jordan Belson, Stan Brakhage’s Comingled Containers, Ed Emshwiller, and contemporary media artists Semiconductor, Dennis Hlynsky, Kayla Parker, Michael Bell-Smith, Larura Kraning and McLean Fahnestock. Curated by Mary Magsamen. 


Program includes:

The Sun by John Cage and Richard Lippold, 1956

Samadhi by Jordan Belson, 1967

Evening of Light by François De Menil, 1969

Sunstone by Ed Emshwiller, 1979

Comingled Containers by Stan Brakhage, 1996

Sunset Strip by Kayla Parker, 1996

Video Created to Fix Stuck Pixels in Computer Monitors Recast (with soundtrack and sunset) as Video to Fix Your Stuck Mind by Michael Bell­Smith, 2005

Black Rain by Semiconductor, 2006

In The Offing by McLean Fahnestock, 2013

Crows Over Providence RI by Dennis Hlynsky, 2014

Swamp Sunset 00015 by Dennis Hlynsky, 2014

Irradiant Field by Laura Kraning, 2016