DEATH SALON Film Festival
Saturday, September 17, 7:00PM
Admission $10 (Free for Aurora members)

More information on Houston Death Salon events HERE.
Co-presented by Aurora Picture Show and The Order of the Good Death
Founder of the Order of the Good Death Caitlin Doughty in attendance
Organized and Juried by Edith Sorenson and Megan Rosenbloom

If you have thoughts about the way we talk about death (or don't), how we face death, remember the dead, or the nuts and bolts of death and dying in the modern world, then we invite you to join us for The Death Salon Film Festival. We will examine and explore the history of death rituals and attitudes toward death and end of life issues and also imagine alternative, more personal and more fitting, ways to deal with our own deaths and dying as a part of our lives. Juried from international submissions, the short film program will start the night off, followed by a panel discussion and Audience Choice and Jurors’ Choice awards. It will conclude with a screening of Suiting Dennis, a short documentary directed by Grace Lee, about a family’s green funeral that included a mushroom spore suit invented by Jae Rhim Lee that allows for natural decomposition.