Saturday, January 13, 10 a.m.
Sunday, January 14, 3 p.m.

Pancake Mountain 2006 (65 minutes)
Scott Stuckey in Attendance
All Ages

Created as an alternative to the formulaic kids’ shows of today,
Pancake Mountain is an all ages, independent cable access show with
emphasis on music, comedy and most importantly fun.

"..MTV could never dream up a show that once featured Fugazi god Ian
MacKaye lip-syncing a kiddie ditty he wrote called "Vowel Movement."
Such moments have made Pancake Mountain the coolest TV booking in
rock." –Luke Zaleski, G.Q. Magazine

“A sort of slapstick "Sesame Street" that combines "Pee-wee's
Playhouse" silliness with the inspired lunacy of "Monty Python's Flying
Circus," the program also boasts an ultra-hip and ever-expanding
musical guest list."-Joe Heim, Washington Post

Scott Stuckey created Pancake Mountain out of a love for music, skit
comedy and children's programming from the 1970's. He started making
films at the age of seven with an old super-8 camera and has been
involved in film or television ever since. He hopes one day to be the
Mayor of Washington, DC where he grew up and currently resides.