"Tip Of My Tongue" by Lynne Sachs


Friday, February 22 (7:30PM)
Filmmaker Lynne Sachs in attendance!
Presented as part of the Powerful Vulnerable Series

Filmmaker Lynne Sachs presents the Houston premiere of her latest film, Tip of My Tongue. To celebrate her 50th birthday, Sachs invited 12 fellow New Yorkers–born across several continents in the 1960s–to spend a weekend with her making a movie. Though they’ve lived through precisely the same years, they’ve come from very different places than Sachs’ hometown of Memphis–including Iran, Cuba, Australia, and New York’s Lower East Side. They discuss some of the most salient, strange, and revealing moments of their lives in a brash examination of how uncontrollable events can impact who we are. The program begins with Sachs’ short film Carolee, Barbara and Gunvar, featuring Carolee Schneemann, Barbara Hammer, and Gunvar Nelson.