"Tip Of My Tongue" by Lynne Sachs


Friday, February 22 (7:30PM)
Filmmaker Lynne Sachs in attendance

Filmmaker Lynne Sachs will be here to present a special screening of her latest films. Tip of My Tongue (2017, 80 minutes) explores memory and personal history through poetry, archival footage, and intimate interviews. Shot over one weekend at her home, Sachs brought together twelve strangers for a brash, self-reflexive experiment. The participants–all New Yorkers born in the early-1960s but from different backgrounds–discuss some of the most salient, strange, and revealing moments of their lives. As Sachs describes in her narration, "Together we construct a collective distillation of our times, building an inverted history of deep breaths, illness we don't understand, assaults, the death of a princess, a struggle of a president, a lost envelope, terror... And so we begin our memory game." The program will also include Sachs' short film Carolee, Barbara and Gunvor (2018, 8 minutes) comprising short film portraits of influential experimental filmmakers Carolee Schneemann, Barbara Hammer, and Gunvor Nelson.
This screening is organized by Curator Mary Magsamen and presented as part of Aurora's ongoing "Powerful Vulnerable" programming.