Saturday, February 2 (6-9PM)
Curated by Terry Suprean and Luke Harnden
Free Admission
Aurora is pleased to co-present the second of Houston collective Civic TV Laboratories’ Give Me Shelter nomadic exhibitions series. Aiming to catalyze new methodologies for organizing encounters between artists and artist-run spaces across the state of Texas, Civic TV has collaborated with former members of Beefhaus in Dallas to bring together Houston and Dallas-based artists for a series of cross-pollinating gestures. Aurora co-presents this culminating exhibition, re-contextualizing moving image media by offering entry points through sculpture, performance, installation, and print. Give Me Shelter (Aurora) will feature video pieces by London Ham (Houston) and William Sarradet (Dallas), fabric print works by Shannon Crider (Houston), machine-based sculptures by David Janesko (Houston), and a performance element directed remotely by Alison Starr (Dallas). Coming from a diversity of backgrounds and studio practices, these artists examine new strategies for deconstructing and recontextualizing the nature of audiovisual media. Refreshments available. 
After this opening event, the exhibition will be available to view the following Monday-Thursday, Feb. 4-7 (3:00-5:30PM), or by appointment.