Aurora Video Label DVD Store

The Aurora Video Label champions experimental, avant-garde, short, artist made films and videos that you’re not likely to find anywhere else. Aurora Video is a subsidiary of Aurora Picture Show, the nationally recognized non-profit microcinema in Houston, Texas. Purchase these title to demonstrate your support of the rare and extraordinary film and video programming of Aurora! Each DVD title comes with a commissioned essay by some of the most important film writers, critics and curators of today.  The Aurora Video Label is distributed by Microcinema International.

The Best of SLANT: Volume One

SLANT features seven eclectic programs of short films and videos from our annual film festival of the same name. Filmmakers included are Daniel Hsia, Kip Fulbeck, Dino Ignacioo, Lynn Okimura, Wes Kim, Nobu Adilman, Samuel Kiehoon Lee and Karen Lum.

$24.99 plus shipping and handling
Lost Broadcasts: Video Works by Eileen Maxson

Heavy-hearted and humorous, Maxson's videos record characters struggling with an unrequited love of television. These are women trapped in forgotten scraps of VHS, and frequently sabotaged by technical difficulties. She performs a rejected application to the Real World, a flustered meteorologist, silenced contest winner, and a protected witness, among others. Maxson's works have screened far and wide at museums and microcinemas from Texas to Tel Aviv. She is also the first recipient of the Arthouse Texas Prize.

$19.99 plus shipping and handling

A Film is a Burning Place: Works by Enid Baxter Blader

This compilation of experimental short films and videos by Enid Baxter Blader unfolds like the pages of a lost diary, with fleeting glimpses into an anonymous someone's memories and desires. DVD includes an essay by novelist and journalist, Ben Ehenreich. 101 Minutes

$19.99 plus shipping and handling

Cinemad: 2009 Short Film Almanac

To celebrate 10 years of covering unusual films and filmmakers, Cinemad magazine presents a compilation of short films that defy simple categorization. 77 Minutes

$24.95 plus shipping and handling

Andy Mann: Street Tapes & Cable Access

“Andy Mann: Street Tapes and Cable Access,” Aurora’s fifth DVD release from their Aurora Video Label, is a special compilation of Mann’s work selected from the over 800 works housed in Aurora’s Video Library. Produced by Aurora founder Andrea Grover, the DVD includes a compilation of short works from Mann's early Sony Portapak street tapes of Manhattan (1970s), and his cable access tapes made in Houston, Texas (1980s-90s). 

$19.99 plus shipping and handling