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The Idea Fund supports Houston-area artists, curators, collectives, collaboratives and partnerships whose projects exemplify unconventional, participatory or social practice, conceptual, innovative or entrepreneurial, or activist artistic practices. These grants ranging from $1-7,000 are funded by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, administered by a partnership of Aurora Picture Show, DiverseWorks, and Project Row Houses, and selected by a panel of arts professionals and a past Idea Fund grant recipient.

Please check The Idea Fund website in late August for application guidelines and to access the submission portal, email.


About The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts
The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts was established in 1987. In accordance with Andy Warhol's will, its mission is the advancement of the visual arts. The Foundation's objective is to foster innovative artistic expression and the creative process by encouraging and supporting cultural organizations that in turn, directly or indirectly, support artists and their work. The Foundation values the contribution these organizations make to artists and audiences and to society as a whole by supporting, exhibiting and interpreting a broad spectrum of contemporary artistic practice.

The Warhol Foundation Initiative is a multi-million dollar capacity-building effort directed at smaller visual arts organizations. The Initiative has provided substantial support to numerous small to mid-sized artist-based organizations, helping them attain greater fiscal stability while improving services to artists and their audiences.

About Aurora Picture Show

Aurora Picture Show is a non-profit cinema dedicated to non-commercial film, video and new media artists, providing promotion, exhibition and honoraria. Aurora has distinguished itself as a home for vanguard work that falls outside of conventional moviemaking, and traditionally has fewer exhibition outlets.  

About DiverseWorks Artspace

Known for its groundbreaking artistic and education programs, DiverseWorks is one of the première contemporary arts centers in the United States. For over 30 years, DiverseWorks has been a hub for the presentation of daring and innovative work, commissioning major artistic projects in all disciplines, and an advocate for artists worldwide. Founded by artists for artists, DiverseWorks continues its commitment to bold artistic exploration, creative risk-taking, and building audiences for contemporary art.

About Project Row Houses

Project Row Houses is a neighborhood-based art and cultural organization located in Houston's Third Ward. PRH was established in 1993 on a site of 22 abandoned shotgun houses (circa 1930) to connect the work of artists with the revitalization of our community. It was inspired by the work of African-American artist Dr. John Biggers who celebrated the social significance of the shotgun house community in his paintings.  Our work is founded on the principle that art and the community that creates it can revitalize even the most depressed of inner-city neighborhoods.  Thus, the mission of Project Row Houses is to transform community through the celebration of art and African American history and culture.

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