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Throughout the month of August, Aurora is rolling out found footage films made by Texas-based artists for our Mess With Texas programs. Featured works include creative reworkings by artists Robert Pruitt, Scott Stark, Jennifer Lane, Nick Bontrager, Prince Varughese Thomas, Krista Steinke, Kelly Sears, and The Art Guys. 1-2 films will be added each week to our Satellites page, so stay tuned! 


Aurora's Satellites page features selected short films for home viewing 

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All of us at Aurora are deeply saddened by the senseless killing of George Floyd, and by the continued loss of countless Black lives at the hands of white supremacy. We stand against systemic racism and oppression. We’ve been listening, examining biases within our own practices, and have been in conversation with others in the community about positive change. Aurora can be better. Today we are strengthening our commitment to amplifying the voices and work of BIPOC artists, supporting and collaborating with BIPOC-focused organizations in our community in meaningful ways, and encouraging dialogue around issues of cultural identity, social justice, and systemic racism through our programs. We invite you, as part of the Aurora community, to join in our efforts and ongoing dialogue. 


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