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PROGRAMS / Extremely Shorts Film Festival / 2019

Extremely Shorts 22
The 22nd annual Extremely Shorts FIlm Festival
Aurora Picture Show, May 17-18, 2019
Juror: Dessane Lopez Cassell

Audience Award: Anonymous Was A Vlog: Lost Aug. 13, 2018 by Mary Addison Hackett
Honorable Mention: Ausencia by Victor Alex Perez
Juror Award: Wine Festival by Keti Papadema
Honorable Mention: Thunderbird by Erin Collins


Pickles Luh, Jiny Ung, :15, TX, USA
A pickle named “Pickles” shows off vocals. 
Telling People You’re Native American When You’re Not Native Is A Lot Like Telling A Bear You’re A Bear When You’re Not A Bear, Joey Clift, 2:02, CA, USA
An animated informational video.
Back In 5 Minutes, Raffaele Imbò, 1:45, Ischia, Italy/UK
A “Back in 5 minutes” message is not enough to stop a customer from getting into a shop.
Cut, Mehrdad Bakhshi, 1:44, Guilan, Iran
A relationship is ruined over third-person involvement. (In Iran “cut” refers to a breakup.)
Anonymous was a Vlog: Lost, August 13, 2018, Mary Addison Hackett, 2:39, CA, USA
A web video project centered on the persona of a woman artist who finds herself in the Mojave Desert.
*Winner: Audience Award
Deadline, Jinsui Song, 2:53, CA, USA
A washed up, middle-aged writer is unable to come up with any ideas. 
Let’s Talk Ergonomics, Rachel Samson, 1:19, Quebec, Canada
Let’s Talk Ergonomics.  
Fuss, Jesse Leeward, 2:04, New Zealand
A man loses his document and it gets him bent out of shape.  
Working Class Hero, Alex Torres, :27, NJ, USA
An animation showing how one man copes with the stresses of the workplace.
War For Keyboard Warriors, Lam Can-zhao, 2:33, Guangdong, China
The computer allows the modern warrior to wield his ‘weapon’ with no repercussions.
Socks: A Story About Pairs, Callahan Bracken, 2:10, Ontario, Canada
Seyward and Milo compete for a mushroom as they attempt to complete their collection of pairs.
The Chop, Jennifer Sheridan, 1:12, England, UK
Terry’s done a bad thing. But why?
Unsolicited, Meg Cook, :55, TX, USA
An all-too-common story of a young woman’s digital harassment. 
Framed, Jonathan Burteaux, 2:15, England, UK
Lola is an actress going on her 153rd commercial casting audition. 
Ausencia, Victor Alex Perez, 2:59, TX, USA
A young man is conflicted about telling his mom the truth about his life.
*Honorable Mention: Audience Award
Bubble Boy in Wing World, Noah Gallagher, 2:00, RI, USA
Bubble Boy is submerged into Wing World, where he encounters a wingless bird. 
Bird Watching, Anne Hollowday, 1:34, NY, USA
Real-life documentary interviews and carefully curated archive footage examine how women are seen.
Thunderbird, Erin Collins, 2:59, Quebec, Canada
The story of Indigenous Canadian Olympic ski jumper, Steven Collins.
*Honorable Mention: Juror Award
Sky Like, Brynne McGregor, 2:51, OH, USA
A collage of found footage and text from the children’s book ‘When the Sky is like Lace.’
Fluorescent Girl, Janie M Geiser, 1:30, CA, USA
The found image of a girl merges with shadow and light highlights her ephemerality and ours.  
Idle, Xintong Liu, :29, TX, USA
Manipulating found footage, this is about a monkey’s dream to reverse animal experimentation.  
Untitled #10, Robert Hamilton, 2:04, Ontario, Canada
Doing the dishes leads to an unexpected, submersive experience. 
Drowning, Joseph Dutra, 2:24, MN, USA
A personal story about a traumatic experience.
Bardo, Cheng Guo, 2:19, Singapore
The Buddhism term “Bardo” refers to a transitional state between death and rebirth. 
I just wanted to see you, Nikita Belomestnykh, 2:54, CA, USA
An unexpected message on a car window. 
Rejhan, Sara Moalem, 1:50, Tehran, Iran
Story of a man who prefers his wrong doings over the essence of his personal life. 
Soul Mate, Mahdi Borjian, 2:00, Tehran, Iran
A boy rushes home from school and makes an unexpected decision.
Letter from Grandma, Eric Craig, 2:57, CA, USA
Destiny honors her grandmother by playing a song that was passed down to her.
Little Signs of Distance (Excerpt), Jason Annas, 3:00, OH, USA
A visual diary and meditation on family, the space we inhabit, and safety. 
we are all here what else is there to do (wassermelone mann), Cameron Sharp, 2:13, OH, USA. 
Alone at the Turkish market in Berlin, I engaged a kind gesture.
Olomouc, Beth O’Brien, 2:29, NY, USA
A short portrait of the Czech city Olomouc.
Wine Festival, Keti Papadema, 2:55, England, UK
An annual wine festival in Lemesos, Cyprus reveals societal changes and migration patterns.
*Winner: Juror Award

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