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EDUCATION / For Educators

Community Outreach
Education Opportunities with Aurora

Aurora Picture Show is proud to provide various education projects that you and your students can be part of. This initiatives range from lectures on moving image art, field trips to our Media Arts Center, artist residencies and workshops on subjects such as the basics of animation, in addition to youth oriented screenings.

Aurora encourages teachers to inform their students about these important aspects of moving image art culture and it’s different forms.  We are committed to bringing the understanding of moving image art into the community and we partner with universities to offer a 2-hour presentation on video art at the Aurora Video Library or to take this lesson on the road into the universities.  In the past Aurora Picture Show has been involved with undergraduate programs at colleges and universities such as University of Houston, Rice University, Houston Community College and The Arts Institute of Houston.

In addition to working with young professionals, Aurora facilitates a youth and teen series of educational programs encouraging media literacy, creative writing, and technological skills from a young age. Each year, Aurora hosts artist residencies and workshops geared toward using media as a forum for exploration of social issues and creative exchange. Through digital storytelling, students explore leadership, team building and storytelling skills.

We can systematize flexible modules of these programs that target specific social subjects or work within longer or shorter formats. From year-long film clubs, one-week programs, lectures or individual workshops, we can help teach students to develop a creative voice and vision, as well as learn software and digital equipment. For information on booking Aurora Picture Show in your school, please visit our partner Young Audiences of Houston.

If you would like to learn more about our education initiatives, please contact Media Arts Education Manager Camilo Gonzalez at 713.868.2101 or via email with any questions you may have.

Aurora Picture Show offers video art lessons on-site at the Aurora Media Arts Center where we can screen samples of works from our video library of rare and historical works.  These visits can be customized to suit the lessons of your current curriculum.  If your school or university is interested in making an appointment, please email us to schedule an appointment.
Working with Young Audiences of Houston and Writers in the Schools, Aurora has a strong after-school artist residency program where an artist can come into your school and work with students on a variety of subjects.  Bookings are handled through our partners.  Visit Young Audiences of Houston or Writers in the Schools for more information.
If you have a community program or school that would be interested in a visit to your location, please contact Camilo Gonzalez for more information on what programs might be possible for your school or community group.
We are currently working on a program to help train teachers on ways that they can use filmmaking in the classroom.  This program is still being developed.

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