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Aurora Education

Learn and Connect with Film and Video Programs

Since opening our doors, Aurora Picture Show has been a home for community exchanges about film and video, encouraging media literacy, hosting artist talks, and community gatherings that are the foundation of our education initiatives and programs that we offer today.  As technology has become more affordable for adults, teen, youth, artists, and educators, Aurora has taken a more active role in helping encourage the artistic concepts of aesthetics and experimentation in filmmaking.

Aurora Picture Show provides community education programs and services for all ages and all levels of expertise in film, video and new media.  Our Media Arts Center, located in the Rice/Kirby area of Houston, is the center for all our education programs which are lead by a team of talented filmmakers and visiting artists.  Aurora provides a home for engaging and informing the community about a wide range of media and film topics.  We hope that you will join us soon.

Aurora Picture Show offers the following education programs:
For established and aspiring artists, we offer hands-on courses in experimental filmmaking techniques, networking film community events, artist talks with visiting filmmakers, and our professional development programs include workshops that support artists and educators, including media literacy, filmmaking and grant writing.  For cinema aficionados, we offer artist talks about history, media theory or personal insight into their artistic practice. READ MORE
Aurora offers year-round youth education that empowers children through hands-on creative expression exploring techniques such as animation, green screen, and foley sound at the Aurora Media Arts Center.  We also host Popcorn Kids series of screenings, which includes free film screenings for the whole family which are geared toward children to encourage Media Literacy from a young age, as well as stimulate parent/child interaction.  READ MORE
Our internship program which offers training for high school and college students who aspire to work in film and video and allows us to interact and engage future arts leaders in the community. The Aurora internship program helps university students and aspiring film/art professionals gain hands-on experience to help foster their future careers.  READ MORE
The video library is a collection of rare historical and contemporary video works which can be used as a resource for emerging artists seeking inspiration and is also the foundation for learning during field trips and school visits. READ MORE

In addition to our on-site education offerings, Aurora is proud to serve the community through an outreach program called Mobile Media Literacy where we partner with schools, community centers, hospitals, and other locations throughout the city to bring our education programs out into the community. READ MORE
Lead by staff member Camilo Gonzalez, our Media Arts Education Manager, Aurora has a team of talented local artists who work with us on a regular basis for on-site and off-site education programs.  READ MORE
If you are interested in learning more about how to get Aurora involved with your school, please READ MORE.

If you are a media arts educator interested in employment opportunities, please check out our Opportunities section.

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