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JOIN/DONATE / Artist Project Circle


A special group supporting Aurora's groundbreaking artist commissions, with access to artists like no other level of involvement. 

Some of Aurora’s strongest and most rewarding projects involve working with artists on the creation of new, multidisciplinary works that integrate moving image in innovative ways. These projects take several years to develop before their public premieres, often requiring multiple meetings and site visits with artists from around the country. While these are large investments of time and money, they play a key role in the fulfillment of our mission, and result in memorable and meaningful experiences. Aurora takes as much pride in providing a safe and supportive space for artists to take creative risks as we do in presenting these unique media art experiences to Houston audiences. Often, projects developed with Aurora go on to further exhibition elsewhere, and contribute to the creative practices and careers of artists. These projects place Aurora’s supporters and Houston audiences at the center of local and national contemporary cultural currents. 

We hope you will consider this special involvement and access, at the $5000 giving level. In addition to receiving all of the highest Aurora member benefits, members of the Artist Project Circle also receive:

• Recognition as a program sponsor for artist projects

• Invitations to artist dinners, receptions, and talks 

• Invitation to attend an annual Program Preview with Curator Mary Magsamen

• A signed video/film still from an Aurora artist

• A private screening featuring work from Aurora’s Video Library

If you are interested in being a part of the Artist Project Circle, contact Executive Director Sarah Stauder

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