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BOX OFFICE / Aurora Video DVD Label / Andy Mann

Andy Mann:
Street Tapes and Cable Access

PRICE: $19.99
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“There is no question that Andy Mann was one of the seminal figures in the early video scene, in particular for his remarkable “street tapes” which continued and amplified a tradition in film history marked by such works as Helen Leavitt’s In the Street.”
–Gene Youngblood, author Expanded Cinema

“Andy Mann’s videotapes are classic examples of the “street tape” genre– a video equivalent of “cinema verite,” drawn directly from life, with a minimum of staging, acting or editing. The direct, candid style of Mann’s tapes reflects the enthusiasm sparked by the new equipment amongst a whole generation of first-time video users; the possibility of capturing subjective experiences and details of the world in which one lived was tremendously exciting at that time, and was reason enough to go out and shoot a video.”
–Video Data Bank, Chicago

The late video pioneer Andy Mann left an extensive collection of his video art to Aurora Picture Show with the desire to have the work distributed and screened for educational and artistic purposes.  The Andy Mann archives housed in the Aurora Video Library is comprised of over 800 videotapes, which date from the late 1960s through 2001.

This Aurora Video Label DVD, titled Andy Mann: Street Tapes & Cable Access was produced by Aurora Founder, Andrea Grover, who was a close friend of Andy's.  The DVD includes his early Sony Portapak street tapes of Mahatten from the 1970s and his cable access tapes made in Houston from the 80s to the 90s.  Titles include:

Video Diary #1, 1972
Subway Tape, 1970s
One-Eyed Bum, 1974
There's Going To Be Another War, 1970s
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, 1974
All Acroos Boston, 1975
St. Anthony of Padua, 1970s
Andy Gets a Haircut, 1972
The Night Show, 1989
Disclaimer and Last Hit, 1989
The Anti-Tim and Lee Show, 1990s
and Beard Rap, 1980s

Running Time: 70 min
13 Films
Color and B&W


The Aurora Video Label is distributed by Microcinema International.  Please direct wholesale inquiries to their staff.

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