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OPPORTUNITIES / Andy Mann Archive / Andy Mann Mission Statement

Andy Mann Mission Statement

After living with pancreatic cancer for two years, Andy Mann died on
Saturday, February 3, 2001. Below is a statement which Andy wrote for
his video program at Aurora Picture Show, September, 1998.

Mission Statement
By Andy Mann, September 1998

How sad it would be, gentle viewer, if you were locked up in a closet
with no opportunity to display the magnificence of your personal
energies. So much of your potential would be wasted, so much potential
energy never going kinetic. How devastatingly sad it would be,
especially for you.

The video tapes of Andy Mann suffer from this exact tragedy; they exist
but not at the full level of their potential. To cease this grievous
waste, Andy Mann Video Theatre presents a forum in which the potential
video from Andy Mann's closet becomes kinetic video within 15 yards of
your retinae the gateway to your central nervous system!

It is for this reason we have maneuvered you here, that we have tricked
you into coming here tonight, not for your benefit, but rather for the
benefit of these miserable video tapes which languish in a vile vacuum
of immobility, the dust bin of history writ small.

You may never have another opportunity to see these video tapes, but
even more frightening for them, is the near certainty that if you don't
watch them, no one else will.  Therefore, on behalf of the Aurora
Picture Show and Andy Mann Video Theatre, let this document serve as
your receipt and as a souvenir of time served in the amelioration of the
lonely condition of these long-buried almost-alive video relics.

©2019, Aurora Picture Show