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PROGRAMS / Extremely Shorts Film Festival / 2020

Extremely Shorts 23

The 23rd Annual Extremely Shorts Film Festival
Presented by Aurora Picture Show, Houston, 
May 15-22, 2020
Online program only (In-person screenings cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic)
Juror: Miguel Calderón

Juror Awards:
Slow Dazzle by Liz Rodda (TX, USA)
Bait Shop
by Stewart Jay Koski (MN, USA) 

Audience Award:
In Flight/Flight Out by Mark Nelson (TX, USA)


Heat Wave Hallucination 
by Jil Guyon, 1:29 (USA)
A kaleidoscopic self-portrait that transports the viewer into a world of vibrant, psychedelic colors and hypnotic sound.  

 by Nathan Ford, 2:10 (USA)
An experimental short that focuses on the mental pressures of anxiety

The Conjurer
 by Kathleen Quillian, 1:39 (USA) 
Using remnants of ideas and images from previous animation projects, The Conjurer is a symbolic illustration of the act of animating. It shows how imagination, creativity and a little bit of magic can open portals to new dimensions.

As if Standing on Fishes, The Blacklist Project Vol. I
 by Jenny Stark, 3:00 (USA)
Part of a series featuring women allegedly blacklisted by Harvey Weinstein, this one featuring Ashley Judd is a story of simultaneous disasters–both natural and private.       

 by Frances de larminat, 1:56 (USA)
Through a rupturing of images and stammering of text, sound, and language, Annabelle escapes a male-dependent world in search of liberty and self-reliance. 

The Bouncer's Judgment
 by Terence Li, 3:00 (Hong Kong)
Straddling two realities, a young man’s fate is determined by a nightclub bouncer.

Bait Shop
 by Stewart Jay Koski, 2:45 (USA) 
Be lured. *Winner: Juror Award

all i have: pt i
 by Gabriella Mykal, 2:09 (USA) 
A study on living in a post reality-TV narcissistic bullshit wasteland.     

like mother
 by Leigh Harmer, 1:19 (USA)
An exploration of how one girl's eating disorder is influenced by her relationship with her mother.           

I Had Too Much To Think Last Night 
by Kevin Webb, 1:08 (USA)
Dreams? Drinks? Delirium? A visual stream of unconsciousness flows from the bottles of last night's revelry into the mind's eye.

Cruel Shoes
 by Kevan Peterson, 2:15 (USA) 
A woman goes into a shoe store, and leaves with... the cruel shoes.  This animation is based on comedian Steve Martin’s short story.

 by Britany Gunderson, 2:00 (USA)
Undressing the body while simultaneously being covered up, routine is discovered through obsessive tendencies.  Materials: Cotton thread attached to 16mm film.        

Best Friends
 by Myles Horgan, 1:30 (UK) 
An intoxicating friendship is put to the test. Can friendship be thicker than blood?

Exotic Macro Structures
 by Ruxandra Mitache, 1:00 (Romania/Switzerland)
This short, experimental film constructs an abstract narrative from the organic forms of microcosms of nature.   

My Dad
 by Alex Lopez, :29 (USA)
My dad is really cool. 

New Champion
 Chris Wicker, 1:53 (USA) 
A moment from a World Wrestling Entertainment clip is re-structured based on the visibility of the championship belt. The belt has been motion-tracked and placed in the center of the frame, and when it is not visible, there is no video image.  

First Freedom
 by Liz Rodda, 2:18 (USA)
Found video paired with found audio.

 by Mark Nelson, 2:58 (USA)
An airplane take-off from aisle28 seat-A.
*Winner: Audience Award

Elegy for Unfinished Lives
 by Adam E. Stone, 2:00 (USA)
A ghost poem film, directed, written, and read by Adam E. Stone and featuring paintings by Saribenne Evesong (1931-2009). 

Soaked Earth
 by Nancy Wyllie, 2:22 (USA)
A fertile field in heavy rain yields a harvest of grief and loss.

Slow Dazzle
 by Liz Rodda, 2:56 (USA)
Video shot in upstate NY, found/manipulated audio. 
*Winner: Juror Award

 by Martina Wunderlin, 2:56 (Colombia)

Failure to Connect
 by Sarah Sudhoff, 1:50 (USA)
A data-collecting vibrator called “The Lioness” is trying to connect for a session.



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