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PROGRAMS / Extremely Shorts Film Festival / 2018

Extremely Shorts 21
Friday, May 18, 2018 
Juror: Scott Stark (Artist and Co-Founder of Experimental Response Cinema)

For All Audiences, Joss Weissbach, 3:00, East Hadd, CT
A trailer of an experiment searches for meaning in a moldy montage. 
Flamingo Watching, Vidya Giri, 1:16, Houston, TX
This short animated film expresses an admiration for the oddities that exists in this world.
Enough, Anna Mantzaris, 2:19, Stockholm, Sweden
Moments of lost self-control.
Drawn Maze, Dave Merson Hess, 1:00, Houston, TX
A mixed media micro documentary about a childhood memory. 
College of Girls, Hassan Alizadeh, 2:46, Iran
A short experimental documentary that depicts the status of girls’ education in Iran. 
The Last Embrace, Saman Hosseinpour, 3:00, Iran
The girl wants to show her drawing to her family, but everybody is too busy with their technology. 
The Talk, Rami Al Rabih, 3:00, Lebanon
Sara wants to know why Hanane doesn’t seem to enjoy their intimate moments. 
Negative 25, Jenny Stark, 3:00, Davis, CA
Made of appropriated footage from the Julia Roberts film “ Sleeping with the Enemy.”
Godavari Rain, Juan Aaron Castillo, 2:59, Houston, TX
Godavari River region in South East Asia.
Fever, Hanna-Mari Ojala, 1:41, Tempere, Finland 
A video poem.
First Station, Mahmoud Kameli, 1:40, Iran
The train of life is stopping on the first station where it is the meeting point of many glances. 
Not the Stars, H. Paul Moon, 1:56, Arlington, VI
Poem written and recited by John Dofflemyer.
SeaLand Cares! Cara Brown, 2:29, Glendale, CA
SeaLand: where sea and land (+some truth) come to life!
Failures of an Alchemist, Parker McBain, 2:50, Tallahassee, Florida
An alchemist, after failing yet again, learns to redefine his idea of success.

Toys, Amanda Quaid, 2:03, Brooklyn, NY
In 1930s farm country, a father wants a son, but gets a little girl.
The Cycle, Ashkan Khoshorour, 1:40, Iran
The cycle of violence from parents to child. 
Welcome to Baghdad, Iowa, Usama Alshaibi, 1:00, Boulder, CO
Tourism information video. 
Bleeding and Burning, Guillaume Marin, 2:36, Montreal, Quebec
An orbit of red and black. Coordinated by the assembly to reach a new galaxy. 
Friends Forever Again, Brenda Wolf, 2:53, Houston, TX
A beautiful friendship turned upside down once again. 
The Uncanny Theory, Luiz Fernando Rohenkohl, 1:40, Marechal Candido Rondon, Brazil
A digital girl outcast in the real world has to stop an impending war. 
I Don’t Remember How it Started, Samantha McCoy, 2:22, Pittsburgh, PA Dance film that was choreographed based on the real life accounts of a sexual assault survivor.
Collapsing, Brian Ratigan, 0:58, New York, NY An exquisite corpse about the end of the world, made with found 8mm footage. 
Elastic, Liz Rodda, 1:15, Austin, TX Found video/audio cut in rapid succession.
Alien & Alien, Mariusz Moscicki, 1:00, Los Angeles, CA
Alien visited Earth recently. He saw how people treat animals and each other.
Skeptics, Ken Sullivan, 1:38, Huntsville, AL
A game of chance gets personal. 
Salat, Amy Claire Nelson, 0:28, Durham, NC
An experimental simulation of the Islamic prayer.
The Bullet, Tamer Ernest Hanna, 1:00, Fintas, Kuwait
Four victims holding a coffin of a deceased by a bullet, who are the victims and the deceased?

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