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PROGRAMS / Extremely Shorts Film Festival / 2017

Extremely Shorts 20
May 19-20, 2017
Juror: M.M. Serra (Film-makers Cooperative)


Dreams Abound, Brandon Buccheri, 1:45, Springdale, AR

The beautiful landscapes of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico from the skies, shot entirely via drone.


Borderline Disorder 8: Real Mexico, Gabriela Monroy, :42, Mexico City, Mexico

Stereotypical US advertisements and interview material are re-contextualized.


The Rule of Capture, Brenda Burmeister, 3:24, San Antonio, TX

An animation speculating on water discovery and the meaning of a glance/ a flutter/ a text.


The Lobstick Pair, Bill Sandidge, 2:50, Johnson City, TX

The beauty and history of the endangered whooping crane, with rare footage of a famous pair of whooping cranes known as the Lobstick Pair.


A Message from God, Azza Aljaml, 2:43, Dumyate Aljadidah, Egypt

An exploration of religion and spirituality.


Thinker, Carolyn Sortor, 1:38, Dallas, TX   (Winner, Audience Award, 1st Place)

An experimental investigation inspired by “A Comprehensive Guide to Trump’s Hand Genstures.”


Gravity’s Angel, Rosie Trump, 2:39, Reno, NV

The momentum of a singular movement transforms from banal to absurd.


Pulse, Jason Sham, 2:30, Houston, TX

Found images, music, quotes, and words symbolically narrate the artist’s contradictions and emotional state.


One of Them, Michelle Sanchez, 1:30, Houston, TX

A short tune and over 1,400 portraits of individuals in Houston, Texas blend together our similarities as humans.


Sea of Oil (Aramco/Texas City), Laura Napier, 2:59, Houston, TX

Letters originally written by an American oil engineer working in Saudi Arabia during the 1973 oil crisis accompany footage of Texas City industry.


Remember Everything, To Not Forget Anyone, Paolo Caspani, 2:50, Italy  (Winner, Audience Award, 3rd Place)

Walking around the Italian island of Lampedusa, a man recites the names of more than 500 immigrants who died while attempting to reach Europe.


Wait Wait Wait, Emma Penaz Eisner, 2:17, San Francisco, CA

Always we hear the robotic command to wait.  Who will obey, and for how long?


A Metaphor for the End of Just About Everything, Roger Beebe, 3:09, Columbus, OH

This document of the final hours of Long’s Book Store–victim to both technological change and real estate development–is also a reflection on mortality.


Clara, Dave Merson Hess, :59, Houston, TX

A combination of experimental animation, live action, and found footage paying tribute to legendary BBC radio DJ John Peel’s touching on-air reading of a letter from a teenage listener in 1981.


Strike, Pariched Sen, 1:00, Kathmandu, Nepal

A father’s hectic journey to reach the hospital.


Lack, Mai Alshaibani, :47, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

An experimental essay on the Lacanian concept of lack, as told through glitchy, decayed home video from the artist’s childhood in Chicago. 


Amorita, Natalia Barrientos, 3:00, Houston, TX

Her mother’s Chronic Stress has not only affected the artist’s health but has caused change in their mother-daughter relationship.


Penaber, Ramazan Kilic, 2:47, Istanbul, Turkey  (Winner, Audience Award, 2nd Place)

After immigrating to Istanbul because of civil war in Syria, a woman and her daughter survive with the help of an image viewer. 


A Hard World for Little Things, Sonja Bertucci, 1:46, Los Angeles, CA

Inspired by “The Night of the Hunter,” the film foregrounds the nature of toys and how the mind can become saturated with violence from childhood objects.


P: Do You Remember, Grahame Weinbren, 1:00, New York City, NY

Part of an ongoing series of 100 one-minute films, each connected with a letter of the alphabet. 


Tiger Toilet, Laurence Unger, 1:04, Houston, TX

A conflicted and dangerous toilet personifies the self-destructive agony of rejection.


Die Ende, Lucy Kerr, 2:48, Brooklyn, NY

The film explores the diverging dynamics of the external upright pedestrian body and the internal grieving body, which may feel to be sinking like wilting flowers.


Woodvine - A Gift, Pauline Marsh, 2:59, Tasmania, Australia

Ernie Shaw lived alone on the family farm in Tasmania until his old age, and decided it to National Parks and Wildlife. His story is told through the eyes of his descendants. 

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