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PROGRAMS / Extremely Shorts Film Festival / 2016

Extremely Shorts 19
June 10-11, 2018
Juror: Leslie Raymond (Ann Arbor Film Festival)

Trance by Jasmine Wadley, USA
A short looping animation. 

Awesome Beetle's Colors by Indra Sproge, Latvia *
Fun plasticine animation and a catchy melody create a surreal guide through the alphabet. Second Place*

In Between Here and There by Edward Ramsay-Morin, USA
A meditative animation exploring the space between knowing and not knowing, and what it’s like slip back and forth between the two.

Dark Room by Favio Vinson, France
Five individuals are locked inside a small, dark room.

???  (Memory) by Sidney Mori, USA
Inspired by the Houston filmmaker’s sleepless nights missing family in Yokohama, Japan.

Texas Germans by Michael Brims, USA
A quick look at the history of German immigrants in Texas.

T is for Turnip by Kiera Faber, USA
A metaphorical exploration of three siblings’ collective experience of childhood trauma, comprised of thousands of individually hand painted frames.

Manipulating Manipulating the T Bar: T-Bar by Garrett Rosenblum, USA
A creative re-manipulation of Bruce Nauman’s 1966 work.

Errands by Sidney Mori, USA
The stress of keeping up with daily chores and balancing friends and family.

Screen Capture by Loïc Bruderlein, Canada
Patricia’s father is not happy with her attitude. She looks online for hook-up opportunities. When will the two see eye to eye?

Lipsticky by Dana Suleymanova, USA 
Confident and strong woman turns anxious when things get sticky.

Teddy by Jacqueline Lynch, USA
A short experimental dance film inspired by sound and insecurity.

Introspicere by Stephanie Williams, USA
An exploration of the relationship with the "self" and the world around it.

Tailored by Augenblick, Italy
The rhythmic gestures of a tailor and his wife become a dance, but this glimpse of desire soon falls down like a pin.

After Work by Mengna Lei, USA *
This animation presents a normal day of a Chinese family, and questions a social issue in modern society. Third Place*

Bubble by Zahra Jafari, Iran
The story of a little girl whose efforts goes nowhere and at the end she becomes desperate.

Cheshire by Colby Deal, USA
This film explores a poetic realization of the important choices and inner conversations in our daily lives. 

For Needling Self Doubt and The Indignities Of Your Office Job by Kara Hearn, USA
A series of short video rituals engaging with fabricated feelings of meaningfulness, mastery, futility and agency, doubt and hope.

Esruc by Acrylic (Syu Pei-Hua), Taiwan
An animation inspired by dreams and reflecting on women's pressures from work and family. 

love in space, 123456 by Jessica Ann, USA
A conversation between a human and a sentient artificial intelligence, uses variety of stop-motion animation techniques.

Westerliesby Bed Rest, Cooper Collier, USA
Flickering images of Chicago accompany the song “Westerlies” by music duo Bed Rest.

Cloudy, might rain by Dani Salvadori, UK
A meditation on pressure–in weather and in life.

Thanks A Lot, Dad by Hannah N Dubbe & Sarah McCaskill, USA
Sometimes growing up means growing away.

Fish (Mahi) by Saman Hosseinpuor, Iran *
An old couple is living in an apartment, and a fish is living in a bowl. First Place*

Starbaby by Neil Lokken, USA
Luv always finds a way.

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