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PROGRAMS / Extremely Shorts Film Festival / 2014

Extremely Shorts 17
June 6-7, 2014

Juror: Nathan Zellner of the Zellner Brothers

Maybe Another Time by Khris Burton, France
Marc and Julia just found each other, yet they already have to say good bye... 
Expose on an "Outlaw" by Tyrone Staples, USA
An expose of drag race car driver Cheryl Gamble. 
Cherub's View by Eva Sigurdardottir, Iceland
What would you forgive if you had an angel to protect? 
Sadie by Anne Mason, United Kingdom
Some men know where to look for love. Mr. Walters goes looking in a brothel. We know he is doomed; we know his quest for love in the form of the elusive Sadie, is futile, but still we root for him. This is a story about anticipation and disappointment; realisation that sometimes, we can fool ourselves until we become foolish. Sadie will never be as wonderful as the idea of 'Sadie', but that's a discovery Mr Walters needs to make on his own. 
Everything is Looking Up by Debra Sea, USA
A mediation on early twenty-first century life. 
The Long Night by Emma Penaz Eisner, USA
In a sequence of surrealistic images, this stop motion animation threads through the intervals and spaces of 'The Long Night.' 
ROCK by Scott Keiner, USA
A regular office birthday party turns violent when an annoying delivery man has a hard time accepting who's boss.
Played Through Fashions by Tom Helberg, USA
A tribute to lost cinema at an intersection of analog and digital media. 
A Cup of Coffee by Peter Blackmann, USA
A father and daughter sit down to have a nice awkward chat about her career over coffee.
Black Box Recorder by Abinadi Meza, USA
"They recorded babies; they recorded animals; they recorded the sun." A strange window into a future in which we will have become mysteries to ourselves and the only one left to talk to will be a disembodied voice.
Living Fossil by Sean Hanley, USA
Springtime along the Mid-Atlantic seaboard, hundreds of thousands of horseshoe crabs spawn on beaches under the glow of the full moon. LIVING FOSSIL is a brief glimpse of a 450 million year old ritual. 
Yield by Caleb Wood, USA
In this film roadkill deaths are documented and animated collectively.
Raw Data by Jake Fried, USA *
Animator Jake Fried works with layer after layer of ink, gouache, white-out and coffee to create a deeply textured and truly psychedelic animated short. *Third Place Winner
Contents of C_____'s Box, in no particular order by Ian Berry, USA
A short-film about the events in our lives that we choose to remember and episodes we conveniently ignore. The documentarian uses a box of mementos left behind from a failed relationship to explore the feelings of nostalgia and regret that germinate from hindsight and lonely Saturday nights. 
Horses by Michael Rader, USA
Through the use of animation, a group of horses reach for their original potential. 
????? by Auden Lincoln-Vogel, USA
An experimental collaborative animation with original score, drawn using charcoal, pencil and cutouts. The short follows a cat who picks up a telephone and runs away with the receiver. 
Genesis by Janaye Brown, USA
A video portrait of a ride at a traveling carnival. 
Knitmare Before Christmas by Rachel Cunningham, USA *
Many people know the idea of the 'ugly Christmas sweater.' We may wear them to parties as a joke, but then we pack them away or throw them out and forget about them. What happens to the sweater afterward? What if, once rejected, the sweater's feelings are hurt? What if it wants revenge?  This stop-motion short explores such a relationship between a boy and his ugly sweater. *Second Place Winner
Mr. Sadheart's Small Day by Robert David Duncan, Canada
Mr. Sadheart journeys by train to an unknown destination. 
The Zombie's Trip by Jim and Nick Zounis, Australia
After a sudden turn of events, a zombie is suddenly brought from the world of fiction into the world of reality. 
Abductive Object #4 by Kera MacKenzie, USA
Part of a series of investigations into alien subjectivities, the inner lives of objects, and mysterious events. A single floating shot reveals a room waiting for interpretation. 
Torres Colony by Alexandra Constantinou, USA
Torres Colony is a fake documentary based on NASA's plans to build colonies in space during the 1970s. The footage is appropriated from NASA's documentaries made during the 1950s to the 1980s. During this time period, America was very optimistic about space travel and exploration and believed that the Torres Colony could be built by the year 2000. This video explores an alternate time line in which NASA did begin work on the Torres Colony.
Pellucide by Dawn Ohmer, USA
The video represents a woman growing into her own sexuality. 
This Is It by Alexander Engel, USA *
These kids are best buds. Through college. Through life. Through that first apartment together. Or so they think. There' just so many responsibilities, you know. So many things pressing between them and that friendship. Life. Family. Women. And really- I mean, really, is that big a deal if your stupid houseplant doesn't survive the lease? *First Place Winner
Interstates by Jeffery Chong, Canada
Interstates is a film that captures the essence of a winter drive through rural New Hampshire and Maine by focusing on the journey's ever-fleeting scenery. Long road trips with unvaried scenery are forgetful, and remembering such journeys is like recalling a feeling without the imagery. Often the driver concentrates only on the destination, and the repetitive landscape transforms into hypnotic abstraction. This film recreates this dream-like state by extracting and sustaining the droning occurrence of power lines, trees, headlights, snow banks and highway signs.
FAKE IT by Nick Bontrager, USA
FAKE IT is a collaboration project. TCU students and faculty performed, destroyed, burned, exploded, and more, over the course of a week to create slow motion videos. This video is a small compilation of those videos.
GIF Preservation Project by Ian Byers-Gamber, USA
With the death of the internet soon upon us, archival practices need to be updated and employed to better serve future historians and bored teenagers. A personal passion of mine has always been the GIF as both art form and entertainment. I want to preserve these GIFs for all time, not just internet time, and have therefore printed them onto film for safe storage.

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