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PROGRAMS / Extremely Shorts Film Festival / 2012

Extremely Shorts 15
June 29-30, 2012
Juror: Andy Smith

Media Flight by Alonso Tapia
This video piece explores the over abundance of sexual advertisement in mass media culture. By mixing these images with images of nature a subliminal feeling is created, much like the one that is presented to us every day.
REM by Brenda Cruz
Dreams are questioned...Memories are questioned. What really happens when dreams and memories intersect to become one. What comes first?
8bit Ghost Hop by Brian Lonano and Kevin Lonano
A mysterious signal from the moon summons strange ghosts.
Weightless by Case Hathaway-Zepeda
This piece depicts unspoken elements of a long-distance father/daughter relationship.  
Nightbook by Case Hathaway-Zepeda
My dream interlude.  
Texas Traffic by Claudia Melgar
A video on bringing awareness against sex trafficking in Texas with Latin American women. More specifically, in Houston, which is one of the capitals for Human Trafficking in the United States.
How Great Thou Art by Gisela Parker
Technology: making life easier, but not necessarily better.
Excessive Use of the Force by Harrison Smith and Derek Beck
Derek and Harrison learn the true power and danger of the Force, while Trevor is taken over by the Dark Side.
Spartacus by Jenny Lim
Spartacus finds transcendence in a moment of humiliation. 
I Am Your Grandma by Jillian Mayer*
I Am Your Grandma is an autobiographical video diary log (vlog) that Jillian Mayer records for her unborn grandchildren. Envisioned as an authentic solution to fleshing out the detached model of the family tree, Mayer hearkens to bygone times when ancestors could glimpse one another through a locket or lock of hair. *Second Place Winner
Merman by Jono Foley
Harrison dances within an amazingly lush, deep well of crystal clear water, undisturbed by his onlooking friends.
Everything, BUT by Lili White
Everything, BUT embodies the idea of plant Earth as our sanctuary. A cacophony of voices bombards the audience with a smorgasbord of disjointed newspaper stories and documentary facts about agriculture; whose implications stretch between humor and horrific reality; articulating the intersection between nature and civilization; suggesting fissures between human and natural infrastructure.
Reinaldo Arenas by Lucas Leyva
Told from the point of view of a dying shark, Reinaldo Arenas metaphorically captures the current state of the aging Cuban-American exile community, many of whom have still not come to terms with the Communist Revolution that changed their lives forever. The film culls from various Cuban films and works of literature to create not a singular voice, but a feeling of a particular moment in time.
Mule by Melissa Tran and Vanessa Godden
Chimera constructed children's flip disks out of skin-toned paint swatches in an impossible attempt to blend the tones.
Meiosis by Melissa Tran and Vanessa Godden
The cell division that results in two daughter cells each with half the chromosome number of the parent cell.
Paint Showers by Miguel Jiron
Swirling cosmos of paint give way to a storm of color and drips. An experimental animation that is a mix of paint on glass and stop motion, Paint Showers is the anticipation, fury, and release of a colorful storm.
Harvest Moon by Miguel Martinez
A video of static and appropriated sound clip of an Alzheimer patient showing the visual parallel to memory loss.
Déjà Vu De Jour by Mile Olenick
In this silent film spectacle, an actress -- played by Catherine Deneuve -- encounters an unexpected, but familiar destiny. With music by Clark Wilson
All of my friends are worried about the future by Os Galindo
The first in a series of shorts examining the variety of relationships in my life.
Judas Burning by Otis Ike and Ivete Lucas
Around 2000 years ago, Jesus's friend Judas sold him out for some pocket change. Jesus got beat-up bad and people are still really mad at Judas.   Every year on Easter Sunday in the mountain town of Real De Catorce, Mexico, paper statues of Judas get what is coming for them.
Remember by Paris F. Jomadiao
A short memento mori.
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared by Rebecca Sloan and Joseph Pelling*
Take: A pinch of inspiration, a handful of joy, 2 spoonfuls of courage, 3/8 of a litre of desire, splash of pride, 3 heaped tablespoons of laughter, one kg of saltwater, and a cup of going the distance. You'll know when its ready.... A short film about teaching creativity - by This Is It Collective. *First Place Winner
An American Arabesque Part 1 by Ron Diorio
Although we are connected to the same historical moment; production values, authorship and the contested territory of complex visual and textual collages inflate the reputation of the magician through the dissemination of theatrical counterfeits.
Reddish Brown and Blueish Green by Sam Gurry
Using a found object as a catalyst, Reddish Brown and Blueish Green explores a family's destructive journey through childhood. Much of the imagery in the film comes from a baby book found on a curb in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Inside the mother chronicles her son's life, as well as her own struggle with addiction, ending abruptly around the child's 4th birthday.
The Gummba Sutra by Sean Hughes*
The Gummba Sutra is a satirical representation of Gumby encountering the Kamma Sutra. Gumby is copy written by Art Clockey Productions.*Third Place Winner
Koi Fish by Silvia Aviles
A curious little video about koi fish, viewed in an interesting angle.
Echo From My Room by Ted Kennedy
Repeating motifs of texture, outside space, absence and presence as the manifestation of recorded aloneness.
Traveling Fatherhood by Vanessa Godden
The filmmaker's obsession with ritualistic manifestation progressed into a cyclical and customary familial practice within her household in which she resurrected each of the objects her father has brought back from his international business ventures. Hoping to establish a tangible relationship with her estranged father, the filmmaker developed performances in which she photographed myself interacting with the tchotchke’s as a means of documenting our artificial connection.
Cultured by Vanessa Godden
Growing up in a country where people identify you with the ethnicity your skin tone matches the most made the filmmaker continually attempt to identify with her Trinidadian heritage more so than her Canadian heritage.  

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