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PROGRAMS / Extremely Shorts Film Festival / 2011

Extremely Shorts 14
June 17-18, 2011

Juror: Brent Hoff, Wholphin DVD

Mini by Bryan Arguello
The Woodlands from above.

Ad Astra by Leslie Ash
Ad Astra presents a glimpse into an individual’s past, present, and future. The story explores the relationship between now and then, here and there, reality and fantasy, and life and death.

The Face Shop by Noella Borie
A dark animated comedy for children about a boy called Faceless Neil.  Will Neil find a face?

Try To Say by Noella Borie
A traditional paper cut animation for a music video from Lauren Molina’s album.

What It Feels Like for a Girl by Eric Dano
A poem.

The Rules of Attraction by Mel Edelman
At one point in my life I was an active participant in the computer-dating scene. In the process of reviewing many hundreds of photographs, some interesting patterns began to emerge.

Take My Hand by Karina Farek
A short film combining stop motion and traditional animation in which two pieces of paper try to escape the mundane life of being stuck to a bulletin board.
Captain Jack by Karina Farek
A space-age bounty hunter relentlessly tracks down the fugitive "Captain Jack" within a high school. This film combines stop motion and traditional animation in a large environment.

Announcement by Joshua Funk*
A Woman makes a big announcement to her friends. *Third Place Winner

Kataklysm by Kat Goins
An experimental video that presents a grid of performances.

Anything Else by Case Hathaway-Zepeda
A man transforms himself with a haircut.

Please Come Visit Ivanhoe by Otis Ike*
Please Come Visit Ivanhoe is an experimental piece in which the layers of a rural Appalachian streetscape are bequeathed a quality of magical realism through the fantastical interpretations of a Ty King.  Raised by his grandmother, Ty’s relishes in interpreting the homes by their flower arrangement, snake infestations and beautifulness.  Ty’s mysterious vocabulary over the backdrop of Ivanhoe reworks the semi abandon town into an eden of Appalachian mythology that must be visited.*First Place Winner

America by Mark F. Kindred
A large man suits up for an operatic jog through the park, but to what end?

Heliotropes by Michael Langan
The parallel goals of man and nature through the most primitive and sophist acted means, to simply stay in the light

Revolution by B. Lynch
Revolution can mean an upheaval or a circling back.  The fantastical imagery in B. Lynch's Revolution is of radical change as the charlatan tells our "fortune".  Our fortune ends like all, in decay.  This meditative yet slyly funny take on life and death is accompanied by a tongue in cheek song--"It's a Wonderful Day".

We Need A Bike by Molly McIntyre
What does it mean to be safe?

Despejado by Antonio Pérez
A few clouds in the sky and something shines far away.

How Do I Look?  by Alexandra Roriguez and Alanis Castano*
A boy gives his eyes a break after a big starring contest. *Jurors Choice Winner

Carbon Study III by Sarah Rushford
Carbon Studies III, the third of a series of vignettes shot in Berlin in the summer of 2010, is a lyrical piece with a tone of vulnerable transcendence. It is informed by Berlin’s unignorable history.

Elle Be Jay by Melissa Tran*
This text-based video visually highlights a long forgotten (and widely unknown) phone call made by a widely known man. *Second Place Winner

Paradise Beach Resort by Christine Veal
A private beach resort that starts off as a picture perfect place to relax, but has uncomfortable consequences

Tropical Burrowing Peach Worm by David Waddell
A nature documentary, which shows the survival of an exotic underground worm.  What happens when the maternal figure comes above ground to save her offspring?

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