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PROGRAMS / Extremely Shorts Film Festival / 2010

Extremely Shorts 13
June 25 - 26, 2010

Juror: Donald Harrison, Ann Arbor Film Festival

Anatinus by David Wanger
Anatinus is a musical cinematographical voyage into the hazy early hours of the day. This film was shot in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with no budget, using a pocket-sized digital camera. No giant rubber ducks were harmed in the making of this picture.

Bobby Visits the Library by Eric Krasner
A comedy mash-up where Eric draws upon his vast collection of vintage 16mm films to produce all sorts of visual goodies which he likes to call, "Manipulated Movies.” This film is dedicated to librarians world-wide. You are the kindest, most generous and helpful people in the universe.

SNAIL by Sharad Patel

From a starting point of what seems to be a projected narrative, the viewer’s perception of context spirals slowly outward into shifting contexts.

Las Ultimas en Sexo Grande by Stephanie Saint Sanchez

Can Mortal Sin be Too Far Away? Somewhere in TVLANDIA, an all Female Super Squad Las Ultimas (Frida Kahlo, La Virgen de Vigilante and Sister Rolla) rush to save a young teen on the verge of succumbing to La Pecado Picoso (the hot sin) set off from an Erik Estrada Pin-up.

The Unforgettable Dawn Hampton by Julie Cohen and Alex Lowther

Ms. Hampton started out as a three year old saxophone player in a family band and went on to become a cabaret diva in Greenwich Village gay nightclubs. Today, at 82, she teaches swing dance to students and fans all over the world. This film is a slice or her remarkable story

Hand gLove by Karen Ostrom
Hand gLove is a playful musing on gesture, harkening back to the amputations and the anthropomorphizing of body parts by the Surrealists. The animated narrative plays out a tryst between two hands that is divisively ambiguous in both conclusion and assigning gender, inviting the viewer to privately project their own conclusions.

Approaching Stars by Atton Paul

A little boy looks up at the stars and contemplates the vastness of space while imagining himself to be an astronaut. His mode of transportation on the ground is his trusty tricycle...yet in space...he could be in a rocket! Filmed with a PXL-2000 toy video camera (circa early 80s) using multiple layers of glass for reflection and depth of field. The music was made with toy keyboards found in thrift-stores and recorded onto 4-track cassette.

Follow Me by Kahori Kamiya

I started with Netflixing several hundred movies to collect scenes within which an actor/actress/animation character says "follow me" based on specific situations. I then Twittered the actions or ideas highlighted or implied by these situations. Through this work, I attempt to interrogate human authority, power relationship in gender, and the need for popularity – all connected with the keyword,"follow me."

Bookstopped by David Purdie

A “film within a film” that revisits the Bookstop, Houston's former Alabama Theater, to watch an “extremely short” film on the screen that was once there.

Accelerando Nonsense: Pie in the Sky by Brenda Cruz

Accelerando Nonsense: Pie in the Sky covers a musical dream of tempo. To dream is a time based movement and for the main character it’s much more, reality moves at a fast tempo but dreams move just as fast. Music and tempo come together to bring life to dreams and reality.

Spaceboy by Matt Choi

Simply animated hand drawn art accompanies a whimsical, haunting song resulting in the mood of a children's book. A boy and his teddy bear go on an adventure.

Short Stitched by Jenalia Moreno*

After unexpectedly losing his job, quilter Randall Cook made a piece of art depicting a male nude and his piece caused quite a stir amongst traditional quilters. We hope to create a longer documentary about controversial art quilters and call it Stitched.*Second Place Winner

Bulldozer, by Melissa Hung*

In this music video for The Invisible Cities, a toy bulldozer with an affinity for whiskey and records heads out for a day at the beach with friends only to find it closed. Oh no! What to do?! *Third Place Winner

Moving Pictures by Mike Kirby

Moving Pictures is an experimental stop-action video showing middle school students entering and moving through the schoolhouse. As the title suggests, this video shows a sequence of about 1,250 posed photographs that create the illusion of movement.

My First Cricket Match by Amanda Nguyen

This video was filmed & photographed in Melbourne, Australia after my 5th night at my new house with my new housemates. My First Cricket Match was produced 2 weeks later. All Cricket field shots and videos were taken in 15 minutes (3:19-3:33pm on 22 February 2010) after we furnished our back garden w/ a free table from our evicted neighbor's trash pile. All photos, videos, & production are by my own eyes, fingers & Mac.

La Piñata by Manuel Arija

Can a street mime cheer you up? *First Place Winner

The Long Sleep AKA Kundalin by Jen Inman

The Long Sleep AKA Kundalini is about the feeling of being awake when you are actually sleeping, both physically and metaphysically. The video was made through a combination of computer animation and traditional frame-by-frame animation techniques. Special thanks to the Carnegie Mellon University School of Art and the Fine Foundation for their support.

Dial Up by Morrisa Maltz

Dial Up is a video art piece, in which I also built the sets, costumes, played the roles as well as edited and shot the video. The video uses the vintage sound of "dial up," Internet accompanied with a variety of images.

Being a Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobic by Felipe Ruiz Reyes

A short animated mockumentary exploring what it is like to be a Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobic, which is defined as a person with a fear of long words.

Follow Me by Melanie Beisswenger

Images and sounds flow together, like fleeting thoughts shooting through the mind. This experimental video combines images, movement and sound to a pulsating unit, taking us on a journey into the unknown.

Oblivion by Simon Peña

Awareness journeys into the realms of oblivion.

Wasteland by Kathleen Quillian

Through stop-motion animation, Wasteland follows the path of the industrial food system from field to table and back and shows how the industry operates at the expense of the health of the society it was designed to nourish.

Lovely, Dark, and Deep by Carolyn Monastra
Beneath any lovely, ethereal surface something dark and mysterious may be hidden. Filmed in Iceland, this scenario describes not just a literal landscape - but that of the psyche as well.

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