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PROGRAMS / Extremely Shorts Film Festival / 2009

Extremely Shorts 12
June 27-28, 2009

Juror: Bill Arning, CAMH

I am the Blueberry by Al Herrmann
A musical tale of fruit and fate.

Frog Jesus by Ben Peters*
He thought that he could make a frog Jesus..a nostalgic voyage takes a darker turn, exploring the naivete of mankind through the eyes of a young boy. *Second Place Winner

Killin' It - Economic Crisis by Caroline Peters
Killin' it is an internal life-changing experience. It's simultaneously destructive and vreative. It doesn't conform to social mores or expectations. 

The Isthmus of Kansas by Christopher M Cassidy
Original footage taken from locations high above the Atlantic and Pacific coastlines is combine in one nearly symmentrical image.

Galvest-Gone by David Purdie*
Taking you back to Galveston's Seawall Blvd, the way it was before Hurricane Ike hit, you visit the historic sites, but chaos ensues, and as you flee, you see that these iconic buildings are now "gone." *Third Place Winner

Landscape Architect by Diana Estrada & Joy Harris
A woman talks about explaining the most private of spaces, visually contasted against some intensely public spaces.

A Confession by Erik Levine
Combining found footage of a man committing suicide in an interrogation room with the voice of a retired homocide detective. A Confession is a psychological portrait investigating the dynamics and strategies for editing a confession and an admission of guilt.

GOAT by Gabriela Trzebinski
A group of Saburu tribesmen in Kenya, East Africa, kill and slaughter a goat for consumption. Trzebinski's ex sister-in-law married into the Saburu tribe, making the intimate filming of this trditional tribal practice possible.

My Secret Love Affair with Matt Gonzalez by Gordon Winiemko
Two hairstyles, one hair product. Two men, one metrosexual love story. Starring San Francisco lawyer and sometime Nader running mate Matt Gonzalez and artist and sometime activist Gordon Winiemko.

The Order by H. David Waddell
A stop-motion animation crafted with a digital camera in the confined space underneath a table. Without the use of special effects or filters, The Order uses the camera to its full effects, playing with the aperture and focus to create dramatic effects and to transport the viewer into another world.

Window by Jeremy Newman
In this work, the window is a reflective membrance seperating/joining a domestic interior and the forces of nature. With lighting flash illumination, the female figure is variously primal silhouette and mythical goddess. Audio is silent.

The Vase by Jeremy Newman
A mysterious young woman clips off sunflower heads, wrecking hovoc on a vase of crickets. The desperate yet graceful movements of the insects are a silent plea against environmental degradation. Audio is silent.

This is a type of freak show parthenogenesis! by Krista Hoelfe
A combination of appropriate video, original footage using a Paik/Abe Raster Scan Device (aka a Wobulator), and digital animation. Sound created using captured audio, circuit bent toys, digital effects, and a theremin.

"Gone" in 60 Seconds by Kristen Galvin
An absuedist remix of the classic, epic film Gone With The Wind, boiling the original 222-minute film down to 60 seconds.

Spin by L Ashwyn Collins
Spin depicts four simultaneous shots of a peculiar fly.

The Catch by L Ashwyn Collins
A single munite-long closeup shot of a pair of hands combing through hair. The image is beautiful, yet the perspective is uncomfortably close.

This Is Not The Sun by Lili Chin
Waiting for the sun to be dressed, a bowler hat becomes more than just an absurd inquiryy in this modern-day parody inspired by Magritte's painting Son of Man.

Just The Way You Are by Liz Rodda
This video pairs two seperate Youtube videos side by side. On the right is a series of girls doing the splits, desperately aware of the camera. The left shows a boy clumsily playing an instrumental version of Billy Joel's Just The Way You Are on a piano.

Unknown Movie by Liz Rodda
Pairing discarded home movies with a poem about family (written by Liz Rodda and read by American poet Ted Richer), this film examines universal and unique characteristics of families.

Introducing: Cloud of Funk by Mark Walley & Angela Guerra
An experimental music video about a fake funk band which consists of Mark Walley, Micheal Paul Hermandez and Angela Guerra. The soundtrack for the video was created entirely of single sounds repeated rhythmically and layered so the end result is a complete song.

Hands by Michael Brims
Hands moving.

Mouth by Michael Brims
A mouth singing.

Pandemic Control by Robert Ziebell
A short documentary of a State of Texas Constable directing traffic outside of a middle school through-out the course of a week. Much like a ballet, Constable Mike Perale's movements direct the flotsam and jetsam of cars and busses.

12 Flowers by Rosebud Pettet & K. Markle
Guided and inspired by the late animator Harry Smith, this video explores the image of the flower.

Moth by Shannon Benine
This video pairs the soundtrack of an actual mortar attack on US troops in Irag with the image of a toy moth in a soldier's daughter's bedroom. With every drop of a mortar, the highlights of the video are blown out, syncing image and sound.

Ground Control by Sigfried Fruhauf
An uncontrolled beam of electrons direct across a photoelectic layer of cesium oxide lining a Braun tube, or snow, and become reproductible, thereby losing the status of the chaotic.

Faces by Teresa A Bayer
Some say yhe soul is captured in a photograph. I say it is captured in a Xerox copy.

Oscillating Fan by Rob Tyler*
A quiet symphony of circulating air, Oscillating Fan is an abstract and joyful look at domesticated technology. *First Place Winner

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