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PROGRAMS / Extremely Shorts Film Festival / 2008

Extremely Shorts 11
June 28-29, 2008

Juror: Ed Halter, New York Underground Film Festival

Girl U Want by Kirt Markle & Rosebud Pettet, USA
Animation: naughty girls act up!

Rise by Ann Steuernagel, USA
A video loop composed from found 16mm footage. It is at oncea reference to a celestial eventcascading fi lm frames and theerotic interaction between two young men.

Astrowhirled by David Purdie, USA*
Dream sequence involving Houston’s former landmark amusement park- Astroworld.*First Place Winner

The Magic Top by Joost van VeenRotterdam, Netherlands
Film about the colored inner life of an exceptional spinning top.

Red Nitro by Christoph Weihrich, Austria
Lots of found footage, sound and other stuff in this fl eeting redgesture (an homage to Norman McLaren’s Loops).

The Toaster by Ian Price, USA
An unnamed protagonist finds a toaster in a barren indoor dreamscape.

I Look Forward To It by Ellen Lake, USA
A short conversation between two people sharing the screen, yet situated seven decades apart.

Outlaw by Ann Steuernagel, USA
A “recycled” cowboy drama from the silent era.

Chiquita Gordita by Stephanie Saint Sanchez, USA 

Big Girl Icons living la vida loca.

Untitled 2 by Fernando Morillo, USA
Dismembering my body into three parts results in a choreography of sorts.

Lola by Mike Rollo, Quebec
Through eyes of pure contentin light and darkness, to objectsstrange and shifting, a cat’s curiosityto all things moving.

Cafeteria by Mike Kirby and Patrick Girardet, USA
A collaboration between a studentand teacher at Lanier MiddleSchool.

Lietuvos Bankas by Barbara Musil, Germany
In this short, elements from Lithuanian banknotes become independentand tell their short butdramatic storypaths of g (1:30)

Dietmar Offenhuber, USA
A variation on Stanley Kubrick’s Paths of Glory: A long traveling shot of a WWI trench is reduced to it’s essentials, the path of the camera and the geometrical relations of the set.

May 1 by Jenny Stark, USA 
Manny Gale, a retired professor of 42 years talks about becoming adocumentary filmmaker at the age of 82.

Mermaid Dreams by Camilo Gonzalez, USA
A Russian expatriate talks about her experience in the States and how her dreams shifted and transformed.

Who I’ll Be by Brandon van Meter, USA*
The filmmaker’s cousin describes his desire to join the Marines (andimpending deployment) in unexpectedways.*Third Place Winner

Goaty (0:53) by Allison Hunter, USA
Set in a post-apocalyptic landscape, a petting zoo goat morphs into a scene while an ominouspresence off camera passesnearby.

Let’s Not Keep Score by Ellen Lake, USA
Combining black and white 16mm fi lm from 1941 and cell phonevideo, Betty and Josh hit tennisballs back and forth across thescreen and across time.

Rough Days/Green Thumbs by Jessica Leza, USA
Created from over 200 images, this short demonstrates the tragic beauty of transformation.

My Dixie Darling by Chris Kennedy, USA
A cowboy in my hand.

Ceibas: the unseeable exchange
of our parts by Evan Meaney, USA
Using a process which destabilizeddigital video, this work approximatesa space of transition,linked to the impossibility of someforms of representation.

3 Minutes by Christoph Brunner, Austria
An experiment in cinematic timecompression by Austrian artistChristoph Brunner, documents thelook and feel of a train platformin Passau, Germany, on threeseparate occasions for a durationof four hours each.

The Cruel Month by Joe Merrel, USA
Springtime in the park. The pieceis comprised of video framesarranged as a procession in 3-dimensional space. It is part of alarger work.

Zero by Anabela Costa, Portugal
Minimal emptiness.

Moving Landscape 05 by Verena Resche, Austria
A park. An urban scene. Theprogression of the film graduallymerges and mixes the two, creatinga single image.

I’d Rather Have a Puppy by Sarah Grass, USA*
Stop-motion birth of a dachshund puppy from a human vagina. (plaster, plastilina, acrylic, paint,and fabric).*Second Place Winner

Nook and Cranny by Francien van Everdingen-Rotterdam, Netherlands
A film from the point of view of a large green carpet.

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