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PROGRAMS / Extremely Shorts Film Festival / 2006

Extremely Shorts 9
June 24-25, 2006

Juror: Kevin Jerome Everson, artist

THE SEA CALLS US HOME by Annie Simpson & Seth Kirby,  USA


THE HILLS ARE ALIVE by Gregg Biermann, USA
Biermann's work explores digital art's possibilities for avant-garde film. As many filmmakers devoted to the avant-garde hold onto 16mm as its only true medium, Biermann embraces digital technology's "capacity to alter, mask, fragment, re-mix, super-impose, mutate, reflect, transmit and reframe" (from artist's statement). With "The Hills Are Alive" BIermann takes an iconic scene from the 1965 Hollywood musical and reveals another take on the tenderness of this Rodgers and Hammerstein song, deconstructing it down to its smallest components, repeating its moments and reinscribing its music into something completely different. 

POSSIBILITIES by Fabiola Valencia, Houston, TX

DANCING ON AIR by Derek J. Smith & Van G. Garrett, Houston, TX

WAITING FOR ADNAN by Beth Federici, Columbia, MO

RADIO BRAVO PITCH by Robert Ziebell, Central, TX

FASHION ISLAND by Brady Hammes, Los Angeles, CA

PERIPHERY MURDER MYSTERY by Larissa Banks, Los Angeles, CA

MY BEAUTIFUL VIOLETTA by Gabriella Trzbinski, Houston, TX

THE CONCRETE MAN by Rob Smith, Houston, TX

LOVE POEM by Jane Reeves, Bloomington, IN

CAN I HAVE 2 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME by Brigitta Bodenauer, Austria
The goal of this video was to explore the idea of time at the crossing of analogue and digital techniques: startingn from 2 minutes (digital), reducing the video to 6 single images (paper) and then expanding it once again to 2 minutes (animation), restoring the loss of quality introduced by the digital/mechanical manipulation through the use of diverse analogue/manual recreations of each discrete frame. In the end, the symbolic representation of time is no longer readable but time and the mechanisms for representing and capturing it are felt all along the piece.

BESSIE COHEN by Hope Tucker, Cordova, TN
An obituary whittles one’s social contribution down to its barest form and the last ninety years of a life become eclipsed by an escape from a burning building, the site of one of the worst industrial disasters in US history. Like all obituaries, this is a selective interpretation of a rich and complex life. The Obituary Project, an ongoing series with some fifteen elegiac shorts completed to date, rearranges the contours of biography by acknowledging the attributes by which we learn to recognize and which become markers of authentic life. 

EGGS by Dane Boedigheimer, Bakersfield, CA

POLKA by Manon Bovenkerk, The Netherlands
Something is moving through the dense, dark woods. It silently finds its way through the trees and shrubs. The vegetation parts and a mouse-like figure appears. It faces the danger and insolently shakes its rump. But its dance is too hysterical to be happy and the surreal environment is not as friendly as it looks. Only too late does it notice what exactly has emerged from the woods.

MORE by Bunny Watts, Houston, TX

SVANKMAJER by Jerry King Musser, Columbia, PA
A tribute to the Czech filmmaker, Jan Svankmajer, this film attempts to symbolize the ability of the artist to touch inanimate objects and by so doing, changing their condition.
Jerry King Musser is motion, audio and visual artist.

RADIO_INT 37/07 by lia, Austria

XXX AMSTERDAM by Martha Colburn, The Netherlands
This high-speed collage animation is a condensed vision of a day-in-the-life of Amsterdam. Images, objects and personalities converge to form a claustrophobic film. XXX Amsterdam was a commission from the Stadsdeel de Baarsjes. Music by Hilary Jeffery. Screened in International Film Festival Rotterdam.

BRINGING HOME THE GIRLFRIEND by Jane Reeves, Bloomington, IN

WASHINGTON by Brad Neely, New York, NY

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