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PROGRAMS / Extremely Shorts Film Festival / 2005

Extremely Shorts 8
July 16-17, 2005

Juror: Mike Plante, Cinemad

APPLE by Greg Biermann, Hackensack, NJ
Inspired by the direct film (cameraless) tradition, I cut an apple in half and scanned the both sides of the two pieces into my computer. I then took the image files of the apple pieces and “pasted” them directly into the video strip using a photo editing software package. This technique then transforms the apple pieces into what appears to be a random exploding jumble of images when viewed. The jumbled video stream is composited and inter-cut with a series of semi-3D rotations across and around the surface of the apple. The audio is a rhythmic composition made from samples of an apple being eaten. Major shifts in the audio correlate with major shifts in the video.

AQUEOUS by Laura Harrison, Houston, TX

BECAUSE THEY FALL by Melissa Tvetan, Portland, OR

CRIMENALS by Greg Araya, Portland, OR

CYCLES OF REPETITION by Deborah Wing-Sproul, Stone Ridge, NY
"Cycles of Repetition: an homage in observations" employs a series of tableau of fiber-based hand work in India filtered through formal manipulations such as shot within shot in order to emphasize the repetitive nature of the work at hand. The people of Gujarat and Rajasthan are informally and candidly documented in their work environments, creating a film intended to illuminate the hypnotic quality of repetitive human gestures while also questioning issues of control, purpose, function and intent.

DOS BLOKES by Brian Clark & Jack McWilliams, Austin, TX
This gritty and thought provoking short film provides a twisted look at a national epidemic. 
Filmed for the "Bloodshots 48 Hour Filmmaking Challenge," Dos Blokes earned the Austin Critic's Award from producer John Pierson and film critic Harry Knowles. Then, it was selected for the grand prize by Sin City director Robert Rodriguez. It has since played at the 2005 South By Southwest Film Festival and many other festivals around the country.

EBULLITION by J. Mack, Portland, OR

A EULOGY FOR MEMORY by Karl Lind, Portland, OR
Forgotten family moments brought back to life.

FIRST FALL by Richard Alvarez, San Mateo, CA

INTERLUDE by Joost Van Veen, The Netherlands
This short film was inspired by the track 'Interlude' by the British band Manyfingers, a Chris Cole project. Joost van Veen met him in 2003 while passing through Dresden. The film shows a group of 'Down Watchers' (fish) swimming through chemical layers of high-contrast black and white film stock.

THE LIGHT by Rob Smith, Houston, TX

MAGIC HOSTESS by Rob Tyler, Portland, OR
An insightful look into one of the most powerful and commanding kitchen appliances ever designed: The Electric Can Opener. An examination of "can versus machine" with a predictable outcome, The Magic Hostess is a highly stylized portrait of domesticated technology.

MANAGER'S CORNER by Skizz Cyzyk, Baltimore, MD


STRONG LANGUAGE ALERT! Baltimore Orioles manager Earl Weaver colorfully answers questions from baseball fans.
As posted in a comment on the YouTube page for this film: "Tom Marr confirms in the Baltimore Sun, (dated May 23rd, 2008), that this soundtrack was recorded in 1982 as an inside joke for the radio engineer and was never aired. For the full story, read the sports column by Rick Maese entitled "On Alice and Co. ... Expletive Earl ... Weaver's prank tape is still ripe, decades after leaving tomato patch." in the online version of the Baltimore Sun, dated May 23rd, 2008."

MEN ORDERING DONUTS by Dan Monick, Los Angeles, CA

MRS. FLOSSIE by Flora Georgiou, Melbourne, Australia
A day in the life of a fairy floss maker at the Royal Melbourne Show.

OBSERVATION 5 by Sanny Overbeeke, The Netherlands

PUSHING COWBOYS by Lily McElroy, Chicago, IL

ROWING by Anna Abrahams & Jan Frederik Groot, The Netherlands
Images of a lonely rower on the IJ river recorded with a self-made pinhole camera.

SOLAR KAFFI by Nicole Linde, Portland, OR
Every year the people of the eastern Fjords celebrate the first rays of light that reach over the mountaintops by drinking loads of coffee. Shot in Seydisfjordur, Iceland.

SPAM LETTER by Andre Silva, Iowa City, IA
Each word of a spam letter is matched with one of hundreds of available online images that pertain, however obscurely to that word.

SPRING SONG by Aaron Valdez, Iowa City, IA

STILL I REMAIN by Tom Gibbons, Oakland, CA
A glimpse of a recurring relationship.

SUSKIN SISTERS by Kadet Kuhne, Los Angeles, CA
SCAN: Suskin Sisters is part of an audiovisual series in which human communication is translated into audible frequencies. As the progressing patterns of the visual information trigger and manipulate sounds into a composition, a reconstructed map of the gestures becomes the language itself. Various levels of interpreting and projecting onto the images are explored.

My Aunt Mary retelling old stories; in every case it seems that someone told someone else to "go to hell"

TRUE STORY by Stephanie Via, Roanoke, VA
An elderly woman remembers a tragic childhood moment.  A tale about innocence and acceptance.

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