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PROGRAMS / Extremely Shorts Film Festival / 2001

Extremely Shorts 4
June 23-24, 2001

Juror: Ed Halter, Director of New York Underground Film Festival

THE SWIMMER by Usama Alshaibi, Chicago, IL 
A man swimming during a lovely night.

GREEN MEANS GO by Roger Beebe, Gainesville, FL 
The Strip Mall Trilogy is a series of three city symphonies that attempt to liberate color, sound, and form from the sprawling consumerist landscape of postmodern America. Part 1, Green Means Go, presents fragments of color over a musique concrete soundtrack composed of sounds recorded at the strip mall. Part 2, The Abecedaire, wrestles (and later plays) with alphabetic form extracted and abstracted from the signs of commerce of which they are normally a part. Part 3, X-formations, tries to argue that there is, in fact, beauty after strip malls. There is hope.

QUEEN OF THE BEACH by Annelise Breuning, New York, NY 

AURORA PICTURE SHOW INTRO by Claire Chauvin and Patrick Phipps, Houston, TX 

FELINE STATE OF MIND by Jennifer Drummond, Austin, TX 

CIRCUS ACT 2 by Enrique Enríquez, New York, NY 

SHARAMBABA by Jim Finn, Chicago, IL 

A young communist girl named Sharambaba resists her suitor in a carriage. "Marriage is like a mad dog on wood. It runs back and forth, frantic. Thinking how to get off. And yet it is happy."

SUNDAY MORNING by Brian Frye, New York, NY 
Greg Pierce of Orgone Cinema invited me and Bradley Eros to present a Robert Beck Memorial Cinema program at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I stayed at Greg and Alisa's house, and on the morning after the program, I shot this film of their daughters Merce and Orla in the backyard.

SYMPHONY OF A GREAT ACTOR by Michael Gersten, Gainesville, FL 

SOUNDINGS by Sandra Gibson, Berkeley, CA 
Soundings evokes a place where consciousness and unconsciousness meet; an operation obsessed with the depths and dreams of the medium itself. (SG)

ANT FARM TIME CAPSULE by Laura Harrison and Beth Federici, Houston, TX 
An independent video documentary, this is the first film to delve into the work of the renegade 1970s art/architecture collective Ant Farm, best known for its iconic land-art piece Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TX. Radical architects, video pioneers, and mordantly funny cultural commentators, the Ant Farmers created a body of deeply subversive work that questioned everything by posing a set of creative and comedic alternatives.

IT HURT! by Holly Hinson, Houston, TX 

SIX FEATURES by Takahiko Iimura, New York, NY 
The effect of these exaggerated sounds and images is both funny and confusing, underlining the experience of being lost between two cultures, illustrating the slippages and misunderstandings which occur when one feels 'foreign'. By working in two languages, the piece also illustrates the relationship between the linguistic sound and the alphabet character representing it, which is conventional rather than natural.

PROZAC & ZANTAK INVADE THE AURORA PICTURE SHOW by Chris Lockwood and Mike Stovall, Houston, TX 

MONKEY VS. ROBOT by Geoff Marslett, Austin, TX 
Exciting lo-fi animation set to the music of James Kochalka Superstar. Monkeys hit Robots with sticks. Robots shoot Monkeys with lasers. They both love their mothers. Why must they hate each other?

HOLLYWOOD ZOO by Doug Michels, Houston, TX 

VISIT by Jesse Miller, Berkeley, CA 

WHAT THEY FOUND by Toto Miranda, Austin, TX 

1969 IN A FLASH by Pepper Mouser, Bellaire, TX 


MEXICAN SUITCASE by Stephanie Saint Sanchez, Houston, TX 

BOXER REBELLION by John Sears, Chris Melia, Sara Reavis, Houston, TX 

HERE'S WHERE I'M COMING FROM by Jerusalem Singleton and Mindy Faber, Chicago, IL 
Based on an original poem by Mindy Faber.

A VOICE WITHIN by Rob Smith, Houston, TX 

HOW DOES ELECTRICITY WORK? by Jenny Stark, Houston, TX 

PRAISE YOU by Kirsten Stoltman, Chicago, IL 

THE BLUNT PLACE by Street Level Media, Chicago, IL 

LINE by Siebren Veersteg, Chicago, IL 

LONE STARS: SON by Gary Watson, Houston, TX 

MY FAVORITE THINGS by Willy Watson, Berkeley, CA

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