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PROGRAMS / Extremely Shorts Film Festival / 2000

Extremely Shorts 3
June 24-25, 2000

Juror: Rebecca Campbell of The Austin Film Society

WHAT BOYS WANT Roger Beebe, Durham, NC

Take a Betty doll, a Morningstar meatless griller, a box of colored Sharpies, and a 25-year-old roll of Dupont black-and-white film. Place in a bag and shake vigorously. The result is "What Boys Want," a simple comic portrait of a boy paralyzed by his idiotic desire.

winner Jurors' Special Recognition (a "Way Cool" award), Microcinefest

THE STRANGER, Katrina Massey, Houston, TX 

PITCH, Abigail Cohen, Forest Hills, NY 

ABSOLUT RENE, Rene Gabri, Brooklyn, NY 

HERE IS A SONG TO REMIND YOU OF ALL THOSE WHO ARE NOT HERE, Willy Golden, Adam Goldman, & Jenny Stark, Los Angeles, CA and Houston, TX 

OUR MISSION STATEMENT, Jenny Stark's 8th grade class, Oakwood School, North Hollywood, CA 

NOIR, Ward Jenkins, Decatur, GA 

Going from only one level with figure drawing and using a simple sketchbook style, I went the exact opposite direction by implementing multiple layers, effects and lush aesthetics for my second film, noir. I used Softimage’s TOONZ software for compositing as well as digital ink & painting, effects and output. Utilizing the multi-layer capacity that digital compositing offers the user, I was able to compose 16 levels for scene two alone without any sort of image degradation.

DEMARCATION, Jean Yi, San Jose, CA 

DUST DEVIL, David Sullivan, New Orleans, LA 
High tech and low tech meet in this metaphysical journey across a homemade desert.

AUTUMN BAMBOO, Ching Clara Chan, Bryan, TX 
An animated chinese painting created by Clara Chan

HOUSE FLY, Nancy Buchanan, Santa Clara, CA 

ACHE TO and LANDSCAPE, Enid Baxter Blader, Los Angeles, CA 

BURT THE TURTLE, Beth Federici & Laura Harrison, Houston, TX 

FIRE SPINNER, Paul Harris, Houston, TX 


UNRAVELING, Shannon Raske, Houston, TX 

THE TITANIC, Priya Kambli, Houston, TX 

THE PEDESTRIAN FIELD TRIP, Darryl Graff & William Garrcia, New York, NY 
This narrative poem/voiceover film tells the tale of a school fieldtrip to Chinatown showing the cruelty and sensitivity of youth. The young boy tips his head back on the city bus smoking a fake cigarette.

WALKING SLEEP, Rachel Johnson, Evanston, IL 

HOUSE OF THE CENTURY, Beth Federici, Laura Harrison, & Doug Michels, Houston, TX 

FREEZER, Mark Rakocy, Beford, OH 
my drink is warm. An animated short by Mark Rakocy from 2000.

SATISFACTION, Jack Stenner, Bryan, TX 
An animation exhibited at Siggraph Art Gallery in 2000, as well as the Animation Showcase.

LULLABY, Usama Alshaibi, Chicago, IL 

A boy's con­ver­sa­tion with his talk­ing record friend.

CHRISTMAS SHOPPING WITH THE BOGARTS, Casey Leydon & Russel Etchen, Houston, TX 

GIVE ME BACK MY CULTURE, Kanemaki Kazumi, Tokyo, Japan 

FLIP FILM, Alfonso Alvarez & Ellen Eugelstad, Berkeley, CA 
An exciting short bus trip in San Francisco, CA as told through an animated photo/flip book in the tradition of Biograph's 1890 film toy, the Mutoscope. This sixty second film flip-book consists of a series of flipping photographs which are thematically linked through transportation and individuals moving through the world.

DURATION, Solange Fabiao, New York, NY 

WEEDEATER MASSACRE, Michael A. Daleo & Ingo Neuhaus, Houston, TX 

HEARING IMAGES, Ann Rudnicki, Houston, TX

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