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The Totally '80s Sing-Along
Co-presented with Theatre Under The Stars
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Action Pack Host in attendance
Saturday, May 18, 7:30PM
Location: Aurora Picture Show, 2442 Bartlett
Free Admission

Prepare for one, like, totally awesome night of, like, 80's awesomeness! Teased hair... leg warmers... jelly bracelets... undeniably danceable music with the best music videos from the decade that INVENTED the music video - the 1980s. The Action Pack from Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas has put together this event of custom subtitled videos full of big hair, bright neon tights, keytars, and Rick Astley just for this event, and it's guaranteed to make you stand heartache to heartache with Pat Benatar as you watch 99 Red Balloons float by.

Inspired by the upcoming production of "Flashdance" by Theatre Under the Stars, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is sending one of their top sing-along hosts. The Original Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin has created many of the iconic programs and events that helped make that theater famous all over the world, including the R. Kelly, Michael Jackson, and Ladies of the 80's sing-alongs.

From musical movies to cinematic music videos, the Original Alamo's series of Sing-Along Extravaganzas takes the best parts of going to a concert and the best of going to a movie theater, mixes it all together, and leaves you with something completely new. The backbone of any Sing-Along show is the singing, of course, which is made easy by having subtitled lyrics to all the songs projected onto the screen. But each show also includes a whole slew of interactive and prop-based activities that take the action off the screen and into the event itself!

So how do you prepare for something like this?  One, plan on singing and dancing to pretty much every song, because the 1980s was the decade that invented the dance party (sorry, disco). And two, DRESS UP. Grab some leg warmers, rip up a sweat shirt, and put a headband on. Preferably all in neon colors.  Show us your best "Flashdance" inspired outfit.

Special thanks to Theatre Under the Stars for their support of this event. Theatre Under The Stars is a Houston based non-profit institution dedicated to enriching life through the experience of quality musical theatre and positively impacting lives beyond the stage through innovative education and community outreach initiatives. "Flasdance," the pop culture phenomenon and runaway international success, will be live on stage in Houston from June 4 - 16, 2013.  Based on the movie that defined a generation, "Flashdance - The Musical" tells the unforgettable story of Alex, a working-class girl from Pittsburgh striving to make her dreams of becoming a professional dancer a reality.

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