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My Heart Is An Idiot
With FOUND Magazine Mini-performance by Co-Creator Davy Rothbart
Filmmaker David Meiklejohn in Attendance
Thursday, February 9, 6:30PM and 9PM
Location: Barnevelder Movement Complex, 2201 Preston
Aurora Members $10, Non-Member $15

Whether you are a lover or a hater of Valentine’s Day, you are going to love this special event!  My Heart is an Idiot is a romantic documentary that captures the road-tripping lifestyle of Davy Rothbart (FOUND Magazine, This American Life) as he looks for love in all the right places, and all the wrong ways.  My Heart is an Idiot is a hot mess disguised as a love poem, weaving together multiple stories to illustrate the joys and dangers of romantic pursuit.

My Heart is an Idiot allows you to climb in the van as Davy tours North America promoting his magazine FOUND, a virally popular and iconic printed collection of discarded notes and photographs. Along the way, Davy seeks advice on his tortured love life from people he meets (Zooey Deschanel, Ira Glass, Newt Gingrich, and Davy's mom), and attempts to follow that advice, with comic and surprising results. The first feature-length film project from filmmaker David Meiklejohn, My Heart is an Idiot provides a raw and intimate look into the lives of people who are both unique and universal, failing and triumphing in ways that are recognizable to all.

My Heart is an Idiot represents David Meiklejohnʼs feature-length directorial debut. He has co-directed two documentaries about Chicago punk band Rise Against, and various short documentaries and music videos. A writer, instructor, and video installation artist, he lives and works in Portland, Maine.

Rothbart and the film’s director, David Meiklejohn, will be in attendance. Rothbart will also share some love with the audience by hosting a mini-performance of material from the FOUND Magazine tour.

FOUND Magazine is a witty periodical featuring an edited array of things formerly misplaced, dropped or otherwise left behind.  Submit your hilarious or otherwise intriguing found item or explore other finds at

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