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Program:  Wednesday- Wednesday, February 17-24 
The run of this program has concluded.

Conversation:  Thursday, February 25 (5:30pm CST)
A recording of this conversation with filmmaker Miko Revereza and artist Lani Asuncion is posted above.

Filipino-born filmmaker Miko Revereza has lived in the United States illegally since he was a young boy. His very personal and experimental work graples with documenting the experience of the "undocumented." Aurora Picture Show presents his feature-length personal documentary No Data Plan, in which Revereza takes a train from Los Angeles to New York in a time of particularly heightened hostility against migrants. During this cross-country journey, the filmmaker’s own reflections, his communications with his mother, and the continually moving and obscured landscape reveal the pains of migration and the fragility of his status in the country he calls home. 

Film Comment Interview with Miko Revereza about
No Data Plan

Miko Revereza is an award-winning experimental filmmaker, educated at Bard College. Moving from Manila, he has lived illegally in the United States for years. The work of this undocumented documentary filmmaker is strongly influenced by his own struggle with documentation and the exclusion that comes with it. Revereza's work has included short films, music videos and gallery installations. 

Lani Asuncion is a multimedia artist influenced by their identity as a queer multicultural Filipinx and often addressing early American Colonial lineages such as the sugar plantation production in Oahu, Hawaii, where their family was raised and currently resides. Asuncion’s recent work Duty-Free Paradise explores Eco-Tourism and how it complicates Pacific Islander life.


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