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May 18-19, 2018

$10 / Free for Aurora Members
Kids under 15 free for Youth Program

Aurora Picture Show proudly presents Extremely Shorts Film Festival 2018, showcasing a diversity of adventurous, new short films-each 3 minutes or less. Aurora's inaugural program, this unique festival has become a lively Houston tradition, providing audiences with opportunities to experience a wide-ranging cross section of visions from local, national, and international artists. For the 2018 festival, guest jurors Scott Stark and David Waddell have selected mini-masterpieces from nearly 400 submissions. As always, the festival's winning films are decided by audiences at the Houston screenings.

Scott Stark, acclaimed filmmaker and co-founder of Austin's Experimental Response Cinema screening series, selected 31 films for the festival's main program. This eclectic program features shorts from across the U.S. (including five Texas-made), Canada, Brazil, UK, Finland, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, and Australia. It will screen first on Friday and then on Saturday, with Saturday evening's screening followed by a reception and audience award announcements. Juror Scott Stark and participating filmmakers Brenda Cruz-Wolf, Aaron Castillo, Ken Sullivan, Jim Lively, and Jenny Stark are scheduled to attend Saturday's screening. (This program for mature audiences.)

Houston-based artist and art educator David Waddell is juror for this year's "Extremely Young" youth film program, having chosen 27 shorts by makers 17 and under from the US (including two from Texas), Canada, Argentina, Slovenia, Italy, and Croatia. These will be shown in a Saturday afternoon screening, which is free admission for kids under 15. 

Friday, May 18, 7:30PM

Saturday, May 19, 4PM

Saturday, May 19, 7:30PM

EXTREMELY SHORTS Main Program 2018

Guest Juror: Scott Stark

Toys, Amanda Quaid, Brooklyn, NY

SeaLand Cares! Sherry Berg, Glendale, CA

Fever, Hanna-Mari Ojala, Tempere, Finland 

Alien & Alien, Mariusz Moscicki, Los Angeles, CA

Bleeding and Burning, Guillaume Marin, Montreal, Quebec

The Cycle, Ashkan Khoshorour 

Hey Idiot, Jim Lively

The Last Embrace, Saman Hosseinpour

How Not To Meditate, Jo Lane

Failures of an Alchemist, Parker McBain, Tallahassee, FL

Effervescing Elephant, Stephen Bobinski, Simsbury, CT

First Station, Mahmoud Kameli,

The Bullet, Tamer Hanna, Fintas, Kuwait

Collapsing, Brian Ratigan

The Talk, Rami Al Rabih

College of Girls, Hassan Alizadeh

Skeptics, Ken Sullivan, Huntsville, AL

Not the Stars, H. Paul Moon, Arlington, VI

Salaat, Amy Claire Nelson 

Drawn Maze, Dave Merson Hess

Welcome to Baghdad, Iowa, Usama Alshaibi 

The Uncanny Theory, Carlos Billig,

Flamingo Watching, Vidya Giri, Houston, TX

I Don’t Remember How it Started, Samantha McCoy

Friends Forever Again, Brenda Wolf 

For All Audiences, Joss Weissbach, East Hadd, CT

Quack Quack: The Great Duck Chase Through Time, John Alcock, Victoria, Australia 

Enough, Anna Mantzaris

Elastic, Liz Rodda, Austin, TX

Godavari Rain, J Aaron Castillo, Houston, TX

Negative 25, Jenny Stark


EXTREMELY YOUNG Youth Program 2018

Juror: David Waddell

Gossamer, Jeanette Fantone, Carpinteria, CA 

Sleep Start, Leo Valeri, Toronto, Ontario

Face, Jurica Nikolić, Josip Skledar, Nika Bo?ić, Zaprešić, Croatia

Lighthouse, Uma Fazlić, Josip Skledar, Filip Prša , Dora Radošević, Jurica Nikolić, Nika Bo?ić, Neo Bo?ić, Max Maruszk, Zaprešić, Croatia

The Dark Film, Nika Bo?ić, Maksim Kiš, Ivan ?abčić, Borna Rendulić, Zaprešić, Croatia

How I Feel, Jayniece Prichette

Menace, Taylor Schofield, Citrus Heights, CA

Sea Dreams, Anna Glasgow, Dallas, TX

Eyes on the Road: Motorbike Culture in Vietnam, Andrew Klein, 

Skin, Nina Milligan, Studio City, CA

Early Birds, Jacob Klein, Aaron Park, Lex Torrington, 

Salvation, Michelle Liang, Dallas, TX

Sincerely Anthony, Max Shoham, Toronto, Ontario 

Free Ride, Max Shoham, Toronto, Ontario 

Interpret, Noah Rodriguez, Sandston, VA 

Perception, Maira Gimenes, Amanda Blake

Portrait of a Young Woman, Tessa Hill, Toronto, Ontario 

Brain Food, Kazimir PlesniÄar, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Congratulations, Ariano Trevino Angelone

The Fairy, Avery Denny

Rule of Thumb, Adrice Galloway

The Five Senses, Kerry Harper, Highlands, NJ

Anxiety, Emma Lenoski

The Pirate’s Life For Me, Hayden Church, Jacksonville, FL

Magic, Filippo Lupini

Telavoraz, Maria Victorai Meazza, Rosario, Argentina 

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