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COLOR PLAY. L-R: The Nostalgia Factory by Kasumi; Blanket Statement by Jodie Mack: The Scale by Kawita Vatanajyankur; You Take Your Time by Emily Peacock

Aurora Picture Show has partnered with the Houston Downtown Management District to present a series of contemporary, vertical video works shown in two windows of the Sakowitz garage at the downtown intersection of Main and Dallas streets (1111 Main St.). Part of Art Blocks, the project that has activated the downtown pedestrian plaza Main Street Square with a series of site-specific artworks since early 2016, this unique, public installation will rotate quarterly to feature different video works by artists from around the globe. In early 2018, there will be a special presentation at Aurora Picture Show including all of the video works in the series and a celebratory reception to close out the cycle.


On View: Oct. 25–Jan. 15
Art Blocks – Main Street Square
1111 Main St. at Dallas

The third in Aurora's series of downtown window installations, Inside Out, features six short video works by five artists: 

Kevin Cooley (Los Angeles)
Red, White, & Blue (2017, 10:18)

Chris Doyle (Brooklyn)
Pool (2016, 4:13)
Chance (2017, 3:43)

Christoph Heyden (Germany)
Glimmers of Hope (2017, 10:00)

Electric Donut Kristin Lucas & Joe McKay (Austin/NYC)
Tablet Tumbler Flat Roller excerpt (2015, 8:33)

Prince Varughese Thomas (Houston)
White Wash (2014, 8:00)

Previous exhibitions in the series:
On View: July 19 - October 16, 2017
Art Blocks – Main Street Square
1111 Main St. at Dallas
We're pleased to present two new works by Los Angeles-based artist Brian Bress: Still Life (orange to blue) and Rickybird (mint, hot, pink), both completed in 2017. Bress’ slow moving, nearly still video paintings present human figures as scaffold for sculptural forms/costumes. The works nod to futurism, minimalism, art deco, Bauhaus, the Memphis group, and more. Their tension between slow movement and stillness evokes the uncanny situation which Freud speaks of: “when an inanimate object becomes too much like an animate one”.

On View: April 15 - July 14, 2017
Art Blocks – Main Street Square
1111 Main St. at Dallas
Color Play features six recent vertical video works by artists Kasumi, Kawita Vatanajyankur, Emily Peacock, and Jodie Mack. This 40-minute program is shown via staggered loops in the two windows:
Kasumi The Nostalgia Factory (2015)
Jodie Mack Blanket Statement (2012)
Kawita Vatanajyankur The Robes (2014); The Scale (2015); The Scale of Justice (2016)
Emily  Peacock You Take Your Time (2016)


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