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"Postcards From Space" by pediatric patients at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center


Saturday, Feb. 18, 11:00AM
Free Admission RSVP Here

Celebrate the creativity of the kids in our community! This free screening showcases videos created over the past year in Houston-area hospitals, schools, and community centers with the help of Aurora’s professional media makers. Young filmmakers and teachers from our education programs will be present to discuss their projects and share these imaginative and energetic works.

The program includes:

Postcards From Space (4 minutes) 

A collage of visions from the patients of the universe and their own transmissions back to earth telling us what we are missing out in deep space.
In collaboration with the Arts In Medicine Program at MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital (Teachers: Miah Arnold, Ian Cion, Dave Hess & Camilo Gonzalez).

The New Planet (2 minutes) 

In case of emergency, the future President of the United States of America has built a spaceship to transport humans to another planet. But what secrets lie in the great beyond?
Part of Wesley Community Center after-school residency created by Regulo Jimenez and Gael Samano-Mekler(Teachers: Keeley Steenson and Trey Ferguson). 

Flip-book Animations (1 minute) 

Doodles from young artists move and come to life in these short collaborative workshops..
In collaboration with the Arts in Medicine Program at Texas Children’s Cancer Center and Hematology Service at Texas Children’s Hospital and the Periwinkle Foundation. (Teachers: Ceci Norman and Camilo Gonzalez) 

PYP Exhibition Animations (4.5 minutes) 

Part of the 5th Graders IB Art Show at Roberts Elementary School. (Teachers: Trey Ferguson and Camilo Gonzalez) This includes 

Animal Cruelty by Hannah and Luca, Eating Disorder by Jojo, Bela, Gauri and Rogaya, Homelessness by Cindy and Serin, Racial Discrimination by Parsa, Social Media Addiction by Mieko, and Stop Poaching by Will, Maddox, and Dianna.

Girl Talk (5 minutes) 

A short document of participants reflecting on the power of music and the importance of empowerment and self dicovery.
Part of Girl Rock Camp Houston 2016. (Teachers: Ceci Norman and Jacinta Molina) 

Summer Camp Selections (7.5 minutes)

Four selected projects from the most recent Aurora Summer Filmmaking Camps. (Teachers: Ceci Norman, Dave Hess, Sharad Patel, and Mel House) Includes Classroom by Callum Tawse, Zak Pham, and Noah Pittman; Lous Kat Move Zanmi by Julian Kaeppel, Avery Valdez, and Joel Adler. A Star is My Wish by Emmett Hillerbrand, Eliot Wood, and Julian Weaver; and Stick Doodle by Nola Nelson, Lucy Estrada, Lily Syna, and Mia Basu. 

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